H.S. Nutrition Suggestion 2015

H.S. Nutrition Suggestion 2015 BY RUPAM PAN 1. nLÑl¡ f¢lf¡L B­m¡Qe¡ Llz B¢¿»Ll­p ¢L ¢L pLÑl¡ i‰NL¡l£ Ev­pQL B­R? gÉ¡V f¢lf¡­L ¢fšl­pl i¥¢jL¡ ­mMz f¢lf¡­L HCL Hl i¥¢jL¡ ­mMz ANÀ¡nu l­pl L¡S J Ef¡c¡e ­mMz ¢fšnu l­pl L¡S ­mMz Af¢lq¡kÑ BÉ¡j¡C­e¡ BÉ¡¢pX/ m¡m¡l­pl L¡S ­mMz ¢fšl­pl Ef¡c¡e…¢m ­mMz gÉ¡­Vl ­n¡oe/ kL«v­L p¤¤p¢‹v °Shl¡p¡ueN¡l h­m L¡e? ¢L­V¡¢pp L£?/ L¡le ­mMz 2. HLSe jd¤­jq ­l¡N£l M¡cÉf¢lLfÔe¡ pÇf­LÑ ­mMz X¡u¡­h¢Vp ­l¡­Nl S¢Vma¡/ ­L¡øL¡¢WeÉ ­l¡¢Nl M¡cÉa¡¢mL¡ °a¢ll e£¢a/ jd¤­jq ­l¡N£l pjpÉ¡/ M¡cÉa¡¢mL¡l e£¢a/…

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H.S. Computer Application Suggestion – 2015

SUGGESTION – 2015, COMPUTER APPLICATION H.S. (W.B.C.H.S.E.) Group – C 1. Describes logic circuit of a 4 bit adder substractor./ How much output of a 4 bit adder?/ Defference of decoder and encoder./ Described circuit of a full subtractor./ Draw a block diagram of 3×8 decoder./ Describes a 4 bit adder circuit./ Borrow and difference of full subtractor./ Give requirement of De-Multiplexer./ Draw and explain Decimal to Binary Encoder./ Half sabstractor./ NOR gate./  Draw a logic circuit of F.A….

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H.S. Bengali Suggestion 2015

Bengali Suggestion – 2015 H.S. (W.B.C.H.S.)   3. “L­uLV¡ ¢j¢e­V jªaÉ¥‘­ul p¤¤ÙÛ nl£lV¡ Ap¤¤ÙÛ q­u ­Nm” ·         “H Afl¡­dl fË¡u¢ÕQš ¢L?” ·         “­p ¢ce A¢gp k¡Ju¡l f­b jªaÉ¥‘u ­cMm Ae¡q¡­l jªaÉ¥ “ ·         “JV¡ f¡n¢hL ü¡bÑfla¡” ·         “jªaÉ¥‘­ul h¡¢sl AhÙÛ¡ ­n¡Qe£u” ·         Ae¡q¡­l jªaÉ¥ ­cM¡l fl jªaÉ¥‘­ul ¢L AhÙÛ¡ q­u¢Rm? ¢L f¢le¢a ­X­L H­e¢Rm HC jªaÉ¥ ·         “cy¡a…­m¡ ­hl L­l ­p L¡j­ml j­a¡C ¢qwp i¢‰ L­l” ·         “Ny¡ ­b­L H­p¢R ­M­a f¡C¢e h¡h¡, ­M­a c¡J h¡h¡z “ ·         ­p n§ZÉ…

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