How to success in H.S. 2017 exam?

How to make good result in Higher Secondary 2017 examination? At first I want to that success never comes without hard works. You have to do hard. Thus it makes no mean whatever which exam will be confessed by you. Test exam in over now. There is very little time to prepare yourself at last. So single minute deserves to be the most important now. Now in days the competition grows high to high. If you are a careless…

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What Is The Most Important When You Read? (Remember Madhyamik and H.S. Student)

What is the most important? The answer leads to be a great mystery. But it is so simple when you think deeply. Every student and as well all the parent should be aware enough of that. We are becoming modern day by day. In this mechanism world reading tries to slip away from our modern lives. Today our mind becomes hazards of any though when we try to read or prepare our home tusk. It should be a habit…

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