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Get here Suggestion of English Subject of West Bengal Class XI Annual Examination in 2018. WBCHSE English Suggestion for Class XI for annual exam. It will help to give you appropriate ideas about English Exam according to West Bengal Class XI Annual Examination’s Syllabus.


Read and Prepare Very Carefully Below English Suggestion of Class 11 (XI)


A Unit of Ideal Student Academy
Class XI Annual Examination (W.B.C.H.S.E.) – 2018
 Last Minute Suggestion
Sub: English (B)
Edited by Rupam Pan: Hons; M.A; PGDCA. (Admin of
Long Question (Any Two)
Leela’s Friend
What was the reaction of Mr. and Mrs. Sivasankar and Leela to the missing chain?*
How was the relationship between Sidda and Leela? Do you think he is a suitable friend for Leela? *
Describe the teaching class of Leela? *
Describe the story of Sidda’s moon, ball, and magician.
Describe the character of Mr. Sivasankar. *

Describe the character of Lady Lal*
Describe the title of the “Karma”
Compare and contrast the personality of Sir Mohan Lal and Lady Lal.
How did English soldiers behave with Mohan Lal? *
Describe Mohan Lal’s experience in the first class compartment. *
Jimmy Valentine
What did Jimmy write? Who is old friend? Why did he write? *
Describe the content of Jimmy’s suitcase.
Describe the story of the little girl who was locked?
Describe the character of Ben Price. *
What new name did Jimmy assume at Elmore? What business did he open there? How did Jimmy fare at Elmore? *
Long Question
Describe the journey to the farmhouse. *
Describe the title of Meeting at Night / Gist / Love Poem / Natural Description*
Title of the poem ‘Sick Rose’ / Gist / How did the worm destroy the Rose’s life? *
London Scenery / Morning Beauty /Gist of the poem ‘Upon Westminster Bridge’. *



Show how Macbeth gradually became a villain.*


Sketch the character of Lady Macbeth. *


Describe the Banquet scene.
What role did the witches play in Macbeth ? *


Why did Macbeth want to meet the weird  sisters? How did he find them? What did they predict to him?
Describe the feelings of Macbeth when he was going to murder the king. *


As You Like It
Describe the life of banished Duke and his followers in the Forest of Arden.
Describe the wrestling match.


How did Celia and Rosalind  settle themselves in the forest? Why did they set their journey in disguise? *


Explain the significance of the title of As You Like It. *


Compare and contrast the character of Orlando and Oliver. *


How did Othello and Desdemona fall in love? *


Who was Brabantio? What were  Brabantio’s  allegations  against Othello? What did he say after the Duke’s  decision? *


Who was Iago? How was he involved in the conspiracy against Othello? *


Sketch the character of Othello.


A Book You Have Recently Read*
Student Life
Mobile Phones 
Effect Of Online G
Drug Addiction 
Your Ambition In Life
Science In Everyday Life
Your Parents
Kanyashree Prakalpa 
Favorite Season *
School Magazine 
Effects Of Smoking 
Physical Exercise 
The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Country Life
Old lady… a physician ….
A rich Merchant…. returning home….. arrested …
A passenger hire a taxi ……….articles…….. suitcase……. Taxi………. police
A poor but contented cobbler………. sings ………… neighbour jealous…. gold coin …
A night watchman dream…… thief….. master…. dismissed ….
A king…. favourite Jester…. courtiers ….offended …..order ….death ….choose to die of old age…



Sale Or Purchase House/ Flat /Land/ Old Car
Paying Guest
Coaching Class/ Coaching Centre
Travel Agency
Job Related
Missing Boy
Opening Of A Showroom Of Mobile/ TV / Electronics /  Jewellery /  Shoes / Garments 
Travel Agency 
Coaching Center / Computer Center 
Shopping mall 


Articles and Prepositions
Jimmy Valentine 
Nobel Lecture


Others Grammars >>>>>>>>>>>>Practice only from prose. 


MCQ & SAQ >>>>>>>>> Read the text carefully, Prepare 2016, 2015, 2014

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