English Grammar Online Study For Madhyamik Exam.- 2017 (WB)

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Important english grammar secrets for West Bengal Secondary Examination (Madhyamik) – 2017.
You know very well that some grammar topic such as voice change, narration change, transformation of sentence etc are essential and very important. Beside these there are also some very important english grammar such as use of too….to; remove too; none…but; need; no…..sooner….than etc .

So at first read my note and after that practice test paper’s examples. You can download the full note below!
After that you can call me to get my study materials on grammar, writings, taxtual questions-answers, short-cut rules, mp3 file of grammar file etc. I can assure you your 100% preparation.

Download it’s full note! Click Here!  Download It.

Download the notes of the prose “Father’s Help”!  Download It.

Download the notes of the prose “Preposition Usage Rules”!  Download It.

Download the notes of the prose “Format of Formal Letter”!  Download It.