English Suggestion 2017 for West Bengal Secondary Education (Madhyamik Siksha)

English Suggestion 2017 for West Bengal Secondary Education (Madhyamik Siksha) for test exam.




1) The Passing Away of Bapu****
2) Our Runway Kite
3) Father’s Help


1) Fable*****
2) Sea Fever
3) My Own True Family****

[For answers follow MADHYAMIK – ENGLISH BULLETIN – 2017]

(The Times of India, Telegraph Daily newspaper, Dated on June-2016 to September – 2016)

[For Unseen Passage follow MADHYAMIK – ENGLISH BULLETIN – 2017]
Writing – 30

(Paragraph writing, letter writing-editorial and personal, story writing, report writing, biography writing etc.)


1. The Person You Like Most/ Your Favourite Teacher and Guider
2. Importance of Learning English
3. Usefulness of Morning Walk / Early Rising
4. A journey by Train / Bus/ Foot – Walk
5. A Book You Have Recently Read***
6. A Film You Have recently Seen
7. A Short Journey / Visit to a Place of Interest
8. Favourite Festival
9. Book Fair
10. Your Hobby / Pet / Home / Parents / Aim***
11. A Memorable Day / Incident in Your Life
12. How building is constructed
13. How school magazine is prepared

(To Friend)

1. Harmfulness of Mobiles
2. Reading Newspaper Daily****
3. Planning after Madhyamik Exam***
4. Preparation of Madhyamik Exam***
5. Invitation of Birth Day Party / Sister Marriage Ceremony***
6. Visit To A Place of Interest
(To Headmaster)
8. Leave of Absent
9. Availability of Computer in School Lab / Books in School Library
10. School Leaving Certificate***

(To Editor)

11. Irregular Clearance of Garbage***
12. Indiscriminate Use Of Plastic Bags
13. Bad Condition Of Road
14. High Price of Essential Commodities****


1. Safe Drinking Water*
2. Keep Your School Clean/ Cleaning Surrounding*****
3. Tree Plantation Programme*
4. Eye Treatment / Blood Donation / Free Health Check Up Camp****
5. An Educational Excursion
6. School Magazine*****
7. Annual Sports***
8. Prize Giving Ceremony**
9. Distribution Of Free Books For Poor Students**
10. Farewell


1. Bird Seller
2. Farmer’s Three Sons
3. Two Friend And A Bear
4. King Solomon’s Wisdom
5. Lord Buddha And Poor Woman
6. Sailor And Monkeys
7. Old Lady And Her Physician
8. The Wood Cutter
9. King Midas
10. Philip Sidney, The Great Soldier
11. English Soldiers



Recommended: Take Down, Make For, Tell Upon, Give Up, Make Out, Look For, Look Up, Call Off, Turn Down, Turn Up, Call Up, Call For, Call Off, Turn Down, Turn Up, Call Up, Call For, Sit For, Come Off, Turn Up, Go Up, Carry On, Go Through, Call For, Do Away With, Fall Out, Go On, Stand For, Go Off, Bear With, Carry Out, Call Up, Bring Up, Fall Out, Give Away, Bring Up, Break Up, Put By, Tell Upon, Give Away, Take After, Fall Out, Look Down Upon, Get Over, Tell Upon, Keep On, Go Off, Go Up, Set Out, Set Up, Put Up, Bring Out, Give Off, Give Away, Call Up, Call Off, Call In, Call For, Pass Away, Turn Down, Set In, Break Up, Put By, Look For, Carry Out, Call In, Turn Up, Take After, Deal With, Put Up, Pass Away, Fall Through, Bring Out, Take Down, Look Up, Look Into, Bring Up, Bring Out, Break Out, Give Away, Look After, Give In, Run After, Put Out, Look Into, Call On, Break Down, Bear With, Run Into, Put Off, Call In, Put Up With, Break Into, Fall Into, Break Out, Get Up, Lay By, Come By, Work Out, Put Out 

Grammar & Vocabulary – 20

Articles and Preposition- 1 x 3 = 3
Correct form of verb – 1 x 3 = 3

Do as directed – 1 x 3 = 3
1. Indirect speech
2. Voice change
3. Turn into simple/complex/single/interrogative/negative sentence/Participle/Infinitive
4. Degree change/Too-to/ None-but/No…sooner-than/ use the verb form and noun form.

Phrasal verb – 1 x 3 = 3
Synonyms from unseen passage – 2 x 4 = 8

[For answers follow MADHYAMIK – ENGLISH BULLETIN – 2017]

(Every lessons and model papers should be following up.)

Important Notice for my online students

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Final Suggestion –এ Most Important Indication দেওয়া থাকবে। Madhyamik – 2017 এর সমস্ত বিষয়ের উপর Suggestions দেওয়া শুরু হবে Test Paper প্রকাশের পরের দিন থেকে। Suggestions Home Delivery করা হবে প্রত্যেকের বাড়িতে। যারা আমার Suggestion Booking করেছ তারা Test Paper বেরানোর 4 দিনের মধ্যে বাড়িতে না পেলে, তারা Booking No sms করবে 9635053161 নং এ। বিচলিত হবে না কারন 492 টি Booking নেওয়া হয়েগেছে। এখনোও Booking জমা পড়ছে। প্রত্যেকের বাড়িতে অতি অবশ্যয় Delivery দেওয়া হবে। আমাদের Processing শুরু হয়েগেছে।
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যার মধ্যে তোমরা পাবে English Suggestion এর প্রত্যেকটির Answers, বিগত 20 years এর Grammars and Unseen, Short-cut Grammar নিয়ম, Writings এর জন্য Short-cut Format, Prose-Poem এর উপর Important Information সমষ্টি যেটি MCQ এবং Short Question এ Help করবে, এছাড়া Telegraph ও The Times of India(যেগুলি Jun-2016 থেকে September-2016 এর প্রত্রিকা থেকে নেওয়া।) প্রত্রিকা থেকে কতকগুলি বাছায় করা Passage Unseen এর উপর Help এর জন্য্।
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