English Suggestion for H.S. 2018 (wbchse) Read Must

Higher Secondary (H.S.) English Suggestion for 2018 Examination

You are looking for the best Suggestion for  Higher Secondary Examination 2018 (West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education). Here you comes in right place. You can get H.S. English Suggestion which can give you extraordinary preparation for H.S. Exam – 2018.

Before download or buy any Higher Secondary suggestion from market, you should be careful about some essential tips for examination. Our academy has been giving suggestions since 2010. So many students form different districts in West Bengal easily got satisfaction through getting of our suggestion on different subjects and study materials. We give suggestion on different subjects very carefully. Our selected questions mostly comes  in the Higher Secondary Examination. Because we select different teachers on different subjects from every Districts in West Bengal. We want to be No 1.

However English is not our mother tong. So we wanna get some difficulty to result in English Subject. Although the present syllabus of English subject is scoring. Remember some tips before get any suggestion.
Read the text very carefully because today’s Syllabus is purely objective. If you don’t read the text very carefully then you will have to get some confusion when you will choose any option for answer. 
After complete reading, note down on Khata some important or remembering key-points by which you can remember the total story easily.
Then at last you have to follow the best suggestion for Higher Secondary Examination – 2018. Here are some confusion to choose the best Suggestion. If you get any suggestion from anywhere, you will follow it. After that you think if those suggestions are not coming in the examination. So my advise is Higher Secondary Examination is so called a Board Examination rather than a School Final Examination.
So choose very carefully the appropriate and justified suggestion which will give you common question maximum.

If you wanna work out with our English Suggestion for Higher Secondary Examination – 2018, the download link is given below.

A Unit of Ideal Student Academy
Higher Secondary (W.B.C.H.S.E.) – 2018 Last Minute Suggestion
Sub: English (B)
Edited by Rupam Pan: Hons; M.A; PGDCA. (Admin of suggestionpedia.com)
Tuhin Suvra Ghosh (Teacher of Natuk High School, Paschim Medinipur)
1.      A]
        I.            Title of the story “The eyes have it” / Thank You Ma’am / On Killing a Tree / Asleep in the Valley.
      II.             “Yes October is the best time”- What is the occasion of the remark? Describe Mussoorie according to the narrator.
    III.            She had beautiful eyes, but they were of no use to her”whose eyes are mentioned here? Why were the eyes useless to her? Bring out the irony of the situation
   IV.             “Few girls can resist flattery” – Who said this to whom? How did the speaker
flatter? How did the person spoken to react?
     V.             “The man who had entered the compartment broke into my reverie” Whose reverie is referred to here? Who is the man? What was the reverie about?
    VI.            “She would forget our brief encounter” – Who said this and to whom? What is the brief encounter referred to? Why did the speaker think so?
[Important Lines for Extra Preparation]
 “She was an interesting girl” / “You are a very gallant young man” / “An interesting face can also be pretty” / “You have an interesting face” / “Do you see any animals?” / “Oh how lucky you are” / “Ants are usually formidable creature” / “People with good eyesight fail to see what is right” / “Are you going all the way to Dehra?”
        I.            Why did not Roger try to run away although he had a opportunity?
      II.            “I am very sorry, lady, I’m sorry” – Who is the speaker? Why he was very sorry?
    III.             “And he did not want to be mistrusted now”***** Why did not Roger want to be mistrusted? How did Mrs. Jones treat Roger in her house?
    IV.             “I wanted a pair of blue suede shoes” – Who said this to whom? What reply did the speaker get?
     V.            “Eat some more son” – Who is the speaker? What is offered by the speaker to the listener? What picture of the speaker’s character is revealed in this line?
[Important Lines for Extra Preparation]
“I were young once and I wanted things I could not get” / “You gonna take me to jail” / “You ought to be my son” / “He barely manage to say thank you”
          I.             “You have already been answered”. Who said this to whom? How did the Tsar get his answers from hermit?
        II.            What were the first and third questions of the Tsar? How did he get answered from the scholars?
      III.            “Here comes someone running” – Who is the speaker Who was coming? Why he come running? What happened to him?                                        Or,
How the Tsar and hermit did nurse the wounded man and saved life?
[Important Lines for Extra Preparation]
“Now rest awhile and take let me work a bit” / “I come to you, for an answer” / “I am that enemy of yours”
          I.            What was father’s advice about dealing with adversity/ relevance of prayer/
        II.            Give a short description of Kalam’s childhood.
      III.            Describe the Kalam’s father’s daily routine.
     IV.             Describe ancestral house and the locality. (Extra)
[Important Lines for Extra Preparation]
“This is not a correct approach to all” / “His answers filled me …..enthusiasm” / “I have endeavoured to understand the fundamentals truths”
2.      A]
        I.            “It takes much time to kill a tree”
      II.            How does the bleeding tree heal itself?
    III.            “And then it is done” – explain the line.
    IV.            How does a tree grow?
          I.            How Shakespeare did immortalise his friend’s beauty?  
        II.            “But in eternal summer shall not fade”
      III.            “Every fair from fair sometimes declines”
     IV.            “So long as men ……………see
So long lives this”- Explain this
        I.            Describe the role of grasshopper and the cricket
      II.            “The poetry of earth is never dead”/ “The poetry never comes to an end”. – Explain this line.
    III.            “….he takes the lead.”
          I.             ‘Ah, Nature keep him warm; he may catch cold’- Who addresses the Nature and why? What note of irony reflected here?
        II.            Describe the solider.
      III.            “His smile is like an infant”
3.      B]
I.          The marriage proposal is important to all characters. – Discuss.
II.        Describe the character / quarrel of Lomov / Chubukov.
III.      Describe ‘The Proposal’ as a one-act play.
IV.      Describe the social life in this play.
6. A)                                                     REPORT
v  Farewell ceremony of class XII students.
v  Free health check up camp
v  Prize giving ceremony.
v  Educational Tour
v  Inter school U-17 football match
v  Tree Plantation Programme
v  Kanyashree Mela
v  Save drive safe life                OR,
B)                         &n
bsp;                               LETTER
v  Write a letter to the President WBCHSE, requesting for publication of model project works in English.
v  Write a letter to the ABC Company, requesting replace and update library stock / lab-instruments from your school lab / library.
v  Write a letter to the Rajasthan Govt. Tourism Department, requesting for details about your tour.
v  Write a letter to the ABC company manager, complaining him about delay to deliver books for your school library.
v  Write a letter to the bank for house building loan / duplicate passbook.
v  Write a letter to the OC of your police station, reporting an anti-social activity.
v  Write a letter to the Municipality Chairman against irregularity in the disposal of domestic garbage.
v  Write a letter to the TV Set company manager, asking him for repairing your TV at home.
v  Write a letter to the Mobile company outlet, asking him for replacement of your handset..

v  Write a letter to the editor – Kannyashree mela / Burglary incident / mobile use and abuse / Dengue Spreading / Accident / High price of essential commodities
9. a) Do as directed    (Follow Only Textual Grammar of Prose)                                          1×6=6
i) Narration Change
ii) Voice Change
iii) Split
iii) Negative-Affirmative
iv) Complex / Simple / Participle / Assertive / Interrogative / Imperative
v) Degree
vi) Interchange of Parts of Speech
b) Articles and Preposition (Follow Eyes Have It, Thank You  Ma’am)                                                                                                                                                                                                                      1/2×6=3
c) Correction   (Follow  Strong Roots, Eyes Have It )                                                                        1×1=1

For 100% Preparation, Follow MCQ / SAQ Questions of 35 pages on ABTA Test Paper

Minimum 80% Questions Guaranteed Common



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