H.S. Bengali Suggestion 2015

Bengali Suggestion – 2015 H.S. (W.B.C.H.S.)


3. “L­uLV¡ ¢j¢e­V jªaÉ¥‘­ul p¤¤ÙÛ nl£lV¡ Ap¤¤ÙÛ q­u ­Nm”
·         “H Afl¡­dl fË¡u¢ÕQš ¢L?”
·         “­p ¢ce A¢gp k¡Ju¡l f­b jªaÉ¥‘u ­cMm Ae¡q¡­l jªaÉ¥ “
·         “JV¡ f¡n¢hL ü¡bÑfla¡”
·         “jªaÉ¥‘­ul h¡¢sl AhÙÛ¡ ­n¡Qe£u”
·         Ae¡q¡­l jªaÉ¥ ­cM¡l fl jªaÉ¥‘­ul ¢L AhÙÛ¡ q­u¢Rm? ¢L f¢le¢a ­X­L H­e¢Rm HC jªaÉ¥

·         “cy¡a…­m¡ ­hl L­l ­p L¡j­ml j­a¡C ¢qwp i¢‰ L­l”
·         “Ny¡ ­b­L H­p¢R ­M­a f¡C¢e h¡h¡, ­M­a c¡J h¡h¡z “
·         ­p n§ZÉ cª¢ø­a ­cJu¡­ml ¢c­L a¡¢L­u l Cm”
·         “EµR­hl j¡b¡u HMe h¤¢Ü ¢ÙÛl………. “
·         “cl­cl ­Q­u ­Ry¡u¡­Q ¢LR¥C ­eC HC SN­a”
·         “g¥V¿¹ i¡­al Nå a¡­L h­s¡C Ebm¡ L­l”
·         “pL¡m q­aC ­h¡k¡ ­Nm phÑe¡­nl hqlM¡e¡”
·         “h­s¡ ¢M­c ­m­N­R j¡­N¡”
·         “¢dL na¢dL Bj¡­L”
·         “i¡­a q¡a X¥¢h­u ¢c­a ­p pNÑ¢pM f¡u i¡­al Øf­nÑ”
·         “­c h¡¢p¢e h¡NÉa¡ L¢l ­a¡l”
·         EµR­hl Q¢lœ¢V heÑe¡ Llz

·         “qV¡v ¢hL¡­m Aá¥v cªnÉ ­cM¡ ­Nm “
·         “­cM­a ­cM­a fËQä E­šSe¡ R¢s­u fsm”
·         B¢j ¢L a¡ ­cM­a f¡¢µRp ­e?”
·         “hQp¡ ­h­s ­Nm”
·         i¡lahoÑ N­Òf p¡ÇfËc¡¢uLa¡ ¢h­l¡¢d LaV¡ ü¡bÑL?

4. “Hh¡l ¢eÕQu ­m¡­Ll M¤h q¡¢p f¡­h”
·         “HV¡ AeÉ lL­jl mi¢pe, fNË­NË¢ni mi ¢pe”
·         “¢hi¡h e¡VL¢Vl e¡jLl­el ü¡bÑLa¡ ¢hQ¡l Llz
·         “¢h¢ÜV¡ ¢L L­l Hm a¡ h¢m”
·         “Bjl¡ h¡P¡¢ml¡ Ly¡c¤­eS¡a”

·         “¢b­uV¡­ll ­cJu¡­m A‰¡­ll Ni£l L¡­m¡ Ar­l ­mM¡ Bj¡l S£h­el fyua¡¢õnV¡ hRl”
·         “­pC l¡­aC S£h­e fËbj ­j¡rj h¤km¡j”
·         “k¡l¡ h­m eÉ¡VÉ¡¢ieu HL¢V fË¢hš ¢nÒf”
·         “¢nÒf­L ­k j¡e¤o i¡m­h­n­p a¡l h¡dÑLÉ ­eC L¡m£e¡b”
·         lSe£ h¡h¤l Q¢lœ heÑe¡ Llz

·         “­a¡jl¡ ¢g­l e¡ ­N­m B¢j …¢m Ll­a h¡dÉ qh”
·         “HC O­ll j­dÉC S£he­L Efm¢ì Ll¡ k¡­h e¡”
·         “­c­M fËb­j M¤h Eõ¡n q­u¢Rm”
·         “­L¡b¡J S£h­el ­M¡l¡L, qy¡¢nl ­M¡l¡L ­eC”
·         “BµR¡ f¡N­ml f¡õ¡u fs¡ ­Nm k¡u ­q¡L”
·         “HLh¡l HL j¡l¡W£ a¡j¡n¡u ­c­M¢Rm¡j”

5. “Bjª­aÉl c¤x­Ml afpÉ¡ H S£he”
·         “H ph¤­Sl i£pe clL¡l”
·         “nq­ll Ap¤¤M qy¡ L­l ­Lhm ph¤S My¡u”
·         “¢Q¢em¡j Bfe¡­l”
·         “jªaÉ¥­a pLm ­ce¡ ­n¡d L­l ¢c­a”
·         “B…e Sõ Bh¡l”
·         “l¦fe¡l¡u­el L¥­m ­S­N E¢Wm¡j”
·         “ec£l Sm jQL¡ g¥­ml f¡f¢sl ja m¡m”
·         “ph¤­Sl AeVe O­V”
·         “­p LM­e¡ L­l e¡ h’e¡”

·         “B¢j ¢L L­l a¡L¡h BL¡­nl ¢c­L ¢h¢dl ¢hQ¡l ­Q­u”
·         “S¡¢em¡j H SNv üfÀ eu”
·         “HC ­i¡­ll SeÉ A­fr¡ Ll¢Rm”
·         “ph ¢j¢m­u HLV¡ nÄp¡e”
·         “paÉ ­k L¢We”
·         “Bj¡l LÓ¡¢¿¹l Efl Sl¦L jýu¡ g¥m”
·         “HLV¡ Aá¥v në”
·         “B¢j a¡ f¡¢l e¡”
·         “­Le i¡mh¡p¡ ­Le HC pj¡S ¢L­pl j¤mÉ­h¡d”
·         ¢nL¡l L¢ha¡C ­i¡­ll fËL«¢al ¢Qœ Afl¢c­L j¡e¤­ol eªnvpa¡ c¤¢V fªbL ­i¡l— Lb¡¢V ¢hhªa Llz

6. “¢Q­el fË¡¢Ql kMe ­no qm aMe ­L¡b¡u ­Nm l¡S¢j¢Ù¹l¡?”
·         “i¡la Su L­l¢Rm al¦e B­mLS¡ä¡l”
·         “­Øf­el ¢g¢mØf ­Ly­c¢Rm M¤h”
·         “l¡S¡l¡ ¢L f¡bl Oy¡­l L­l Bea?”
·         “X¥h­a X¥h­a ­pC l¡­a ¢QvL¡l E­W¢Rm”
·         “LH h¡¢e­u¢Rm p¡a clS¡Ju¡m¡ ¢bhp?”
·         “La ph Mhl/ La ph fËnÀ”
·         L¢hl pj¡S ­Qae¡l L£ f¢lQu f¡Ju¡ ­N­R?

·         “NÒfV¡ öe­a ­hn i¡­m¡ m¡N¢Rm”
·         “NÒfV¡ j­e fs­mC q¡¢p ­fa”
·         “j¡­ul h¡å¢h Bj¡­cl pjÙÛ OVe¡V¡ ­n¡e¡­me”
·         “q¡p¡e Bë¡­m HMe k¡l e¡j f¡”¡p¡­qh”
·         “jcÑ¡e¡ ¢Li¡­h hm£ h¡å¢hl L¡­R ¢N­u¢Rm”

7. “a¡­L hm¡ qa q¡¢a­hN¡l”
·         N¡­l¡ f¡q¡­sl Ad£h¡¢p­cl S£hek¡œ¡ heÑe¡ Llz
·         “¢L¿¹¥ q¡¢a ­hN¡l Bl Qõe¡”
·         “­QwjÉ­el j¡b¡u BL¡n ­i­P flmz”
·         “¢hnÄ¡p L­l¡ h¡e¡­e¡ NÒf eu”
·         “­ke l¡h­el ¢Qa¡ SÆm­R ­a¡ SÆm­RC”
·         R¡¢al hc­m q¡¢a —– jq¡S­el Q¢lœ heÑe¡ Llz

·         “­QvjÉe h¤S­a f¡­l Hh¡l ­p Cyc¤l L­m f­s­R”
·         h„¡l ­SÆ­ml f¢lQu c¡Jz
·         “a¡C fËS¡l¡ ¢h­â¡¢q q­u EWm”
·         “­a¡jl¡ q¡a h¡s¡J, a¡­L p¡q¡kÉ Llz”
·         “p¡l¡ LmL¡a¡ ­r­f E­W­R”
·         “a¡C fËS¡l¡ ¢h­â¡q£ q­u E­W­R”
·         “R¡¢al hc­m q¡¢a”– e¡jLl­el ü¡bÑLa¡ ¢hQ¡l Llz
8. ¢Qœ¢n­Òf k¡¢j¢e l¡­ul Ahc¡e ­mMz
·         ¢h‰¡e QQÑ¡u fËg¥õ l¡­ul/ p­aɾcÊe¡­bl i¥¢jL¡ ­mMz
·         h¡wm¡ ­m¡LN¡­el °h¢Qœa¡ heÑe¡ Llz
·         ¢h‰¡e N­hoe¡u SNc£n Q¾cÊ hp¤¤l i¥¢jL¡ ­mMz
·         h¡wm¡ œ²£s¡ ­r­œ œ²£­L­V ­p±li N¡‰¥¢ml i¥¢jL¡ ­mMz
·         ¢QœLm¡u l¡j¢Lwˆl ­hC¢Sl/ Ahe£¾cÊe¡b Hl i¥¢jL¡ ­mMz
·         Qm¢Q­œ paÉ¢Sw l¡u/ G¢aÆL OV­Ll i¥¢jL¡ ­mM
·         h¡wm¡ N¡­el d¡l¡u lh£¾cÊe¡­bl i¥¢jL¡ ­mMz

9. në¡bÑ f¢lhaÑ­el d¡l¡ La fËL¡l ¢L ¢L? fË¢a¢Vl HL¢V L­l Ec¡qle c¡Jznë¡bÑ f¢lhaÑ­el L¡le…¢m heÑe¡ Llz
·         NWeNa ¢cL ¢c­u h¡LÉ La fËL¡l L£ L£? B­m¡Qe¡ L­l HL¢V L­l Ec¡qle c¡Jz
·         l¦fj¤m L£? nË¡Z£¢hi¡N Llz B­m¡Qe¡ Llz
·         j¤äj¡m J ­S¡sLmj në L£? ¢hi¡SÉ J A¢hi¡SÉ dÆ¢ej¤m Hl f¡bÑLÉ ­mMz
·         heÑe¡j¤mL J pj¡S i¡o¡¢h‰¡e L¡­L h­m? °h¢nø ­mMz

(j¡ep j¡e¢Qœ J abÉpñ¡l)
10. j¡a«i¡o¡l …l¦aÆ/ ¢hnÄ EoZ¡ue/ h¡wm¡l Ga¥°h¢Qœ/ lÉ¡¢Nw/ R¡œS£he/ h¡wm¡l Ga¥°h¢Qœ/ EµQj¡dÉ¢jL fWe-f¡We

(p¤¤œ J a­bÉl Efl fËhå lQe¡)
lh£¾ce¡b W¡L¥l/ jq¡­nÄa¡ ­ch£/ ¢hh¡L¡e¾c/ S£he¡¾c c¡n/ ¢hcÉ¡p¡Nl/ p¤¤¢em N­‰¡f¡dÉ¡uz

(C¢aq¡p J i¡o¡)
i¥S+ Ae = ­i¡Se – L¥e faÉu?
¢bpl¡p n­ël AbÑ-
fËbj h¡P¡¢m py¡a¡l¦ –
ph¡L ¢p­ej¡l SeÈ –
n¡š²N£­al fËbj L¢h –
fc°caÆ ¢L? Ec¡qle –
p¤¤lal‰ ¢L –
¢hm¢a ¢h¢m¢a = ­L¡e à¢e f¢lhaÑ­el l£¢a?
SNc£n Q¾cÊ hp¤¤l h¡wm¡ i¡o¡u ­mM¡ ¢hMÉ¡a N¿Û –
Vè¡ N¡­el L¡m£ ¢jSÑ¡l fËL«a e¡j –
j¤äj¡m në ¢L Ec¡qle –
në­S¡s ¢L Ec¡qle –
a¥me¡j¤mL i¡o¡¢h‰¡e Hl p£œf¡a L­le ­L?
fV n­ël BbÑ –
NSm lQe¡l f¢bL«w ­L?
pj¡S¢h‰¡e ¢L?
h¡wm¡ ­j±¢mL üldÆ¢el pwMÉ¡ –
i¡laj¡a¡ ¢Qœ¢Vl A¢ˆa¡ –
i¡la£u g¥Vh­ml C¢aq¡­p Øjle£u ­L?
­N¡l¦ j¡­ol N¡¢sl Q¡m­Ll E­ŸnÉ L­l k¡ N¡e N¡Ju¡ qu –
f¡¢nÄLÑ dÆ¢e –
ü¡d£e l¦fj¤­ml Ec¡qle –
Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science L¡l fË¢aù¡?
fˆS l¡u ­L¡e ­Mm¡l p¡­b k¤š²?
eùZ£s NÒf Ahmð­e paÉ¢Sw Hl ¢p­ej¡ –
¢g­l¡S ­hNj ­L¡e N¡e N¡C­ae?
L¢Çfa dÆ¢el Ec¡ql –
­N¡onVf¡m ­L¡e ­Mm¡l p¡­b k¤š² –
h¡wm¡u fËbj dË¥fc lQe¡ L­le?
EfpNÑ ¢L?
L¡¢m n­ël B¢c J f¢lha¢Ña AbÑ –
S¢Vm l¦fj¤m –
fËbj ¢ehÑ¡L Qm¢Qœ –
YfL£aÑe N¡e –
dÆ¢e J he­Ñl f¡bÉLÉ –
i¡o¡l fËd¡e Ù¹l –
e dÆ¢e ¢L fËL¡l?
Bengal ChemicalsHl fË¢aù¡a¡ ?
E­õÉM­k¡NÉ L¢hu¡m ­L?
f­bl fy¡Q¡¢m Qm¢Q­œl p‰£a ­L f¢lQ¡me¡ L­le?
nì¡b­Ñl l¦f¡¿¹l ¢L e¡­j f¢l¢Qa?
j¡¢Tjõ¡l N¡e ­L ¢L h­m?
nì¡bÑ fËp¡l ¢L?
l¡jfËp¡c ­pe ­L?
paÉ¢Sa l¡­ul fËbj R¢h –
h¡Em N¡­el p¡dL L¢h –
A- EfpNÑ ­k¡N L­l c¤¢V fc –
g¢ma i¡o¡¢h‰¡­el c¤¢V n¡M¡ –
pqdÆ¢e ¢L?
h¤m¡ ­Q±d¤¢l ¢L SeÉ ¢hMÉ¡a?
p¢mm ­Q±d¤¢l ­L?
L«oZm£m¡l ¢QœLm¡l ¢p¢lS °al£ L­le ­L?
Auxiliary TableL¡l lQe¡?
i¡laho­Ñ fËbj q¢L LÓ¡h –
j¡m¢a ma¡ ­c¡­m L¡l N¡e?
i¥he ­p¡j ¢p­ej¡l f¢lQ¡mL –
h¡wm¡ p¡¢q­aÉ ee­p¾p Hl fËhaÑL ­L?


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