Important English Suggestion for Madhyamik 2018 Exam | WBBSE

Important English Suggestion for Madhyamik 2018 Exam | WBBSE

See the most important suggestion for West Bengal Madhyamik Exam 2018. Prepare below English writings and seen, unseen, grammar for tomorrow’s  Madhyamik English Exam 2018.
I had posted Madhyamik English Suggestion completely before some day ago. Prepare that suggestion paper.
But today I post the below English questions  for Madhyamik English Exam 2018. The following questions are very very important for tomorrow’s English exam. So prepare these very carefully.


Seen – 20
My own true family
The passing away of Bapu

Unseen – 20

Recent Report on Kanyashree
How building is constructed
A short journey
Early Rising
The book you like most
Use and abuse of mobile phones
Letter writing
High price of essential commodities
Reckless driving
Keep your school surrounding clean
Use of microphones during festivals
                                                        Report writing
kannyashree Mela
Bus/ Boat  accident
Safe drive safe life

Prevention of playing Blue Whale Game for students

Important grammar
Voice change :

Many buildings have been damaged by flood
Please maintain silence in this room.
 please post the letter.
 shut the door.
let the door visit.
Were you writing a letter?
 who is known to you here?
 people on the train Sang Bhajans.
 give it to your headmaster.
 Samuel was teaching arithmetic.
Narration change:
She said to me,”Are you well?”
The doctor said to the patient,”What’s your problem?”
The girl said,”Hurrah! I have won the competition.”
The tree said,”Climb up! Little boy.”
He said,”What a beautiful sight!”
Samuel asked,”Swaminathan, where is your homework?”
Father asked him,”Have you no school today?”
He said to me,”Bravo! well done.”
She said,”Follow my advice.”
The boss said to his colleagues,”Let us start the meeting.”

Transformation of sentence:

He is too short to reach the fruit of the tree.(Remove too to)
He is the tallest boy in the class.(Degree change)
Tell me what your name is.(Simple sentence)
Who does not love his parents.(Assertive sentence)
As soon as he reached the station the train left.
He was sorry that he was late. (Simple sentence)
He is very old he cannot walk fast. (Use to too)
Swami picked his books and ran to the head master room.(Simple sentence)
None but a fool can do it.(Affirmative sentence)
As he entered the school gate an idea occurred to him. (Negative sentence)
Bapu was no more.(Affirmative sentence)
It was one of the most memorable journey in my life. (Comparative degree)
Today Samuel appeared very gentle. (Noun form of gentle)
A  poet could not but be gay. (Use help)

Phrasal verb:
Call off, bring out,  turn up, carry out, give up, fall out, put up with, beer with, Take after,  break up, call up, bring up, make out, come up, come of, look down upon, come round, take out, go through, break out, give in, come out, give away, take away, keep up, bear away,  bring forth, Run after, lay by, look after, set up, put up, give up, stand by, put off, put out, break into, give in, look through, break down, Take after, make up, make out, come round, give up, set out, tell upon, turn down, carry on, turn up, keep on, call for, stand for, go off, fall out, look for, carry out, beer with, come across, break out, put on, cut down, do away with, Run after, set in, pass away, put away, get over, take off, look into.

Wish your best exam.

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