Madhyamik 2019 English Writing Skill – Last Minute English Suggestion

WBBSE Madhyamik 2019 English Writing Skill – Last Minute English Suggestion

Last Minute Suggestion of Madhyamik English 2019 in West Bengal Board (wbbse).

madhyamik-2019-english suggestion


Write a paragraph about Safe Drive Save Life and  it’s usefulness.********
Write a paragraph about A Book You Have Recently Read.*****
Write a paragraph about  How to publish a school magazine.*****
Write a paragraph about  how Building is  Constructed.****
Write a paragraph about  your favourite man.

Letter Writing
Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about how dengue can be  prevented in everyone’s locality.
Notice Writing
Suppose you are the captain of your school. Now write a notice for the students of your school requesting them to donate money or other useful items for the flood victims of Kerala.


The Editor
Name of the Newspaper
& Address

Sub. — Dengue Prevention—-


     I hereby undersigned person want to ventilate through your esteemed daily about the problem of increasing dengue fever amoung the country men. I want to draw your kind attention on my following valuable writings.

At present in our locality it is bitter and hard problem because many young men have been waiting for death due to high dengue fever. It is important to prevent dengue. Most of the people do not know about the steps to prevent. We should clean our surroundings, pond for no breeding of mosquitoes. We should have taken so many steps to secure ourselves. We have to distribute these prevention steps amoung the countrymen.
So, I would request you to be kind enough to satisfy as soon as possible and oblige. It is my heartiest request you to publish the above note inform the public and the authority sharply.
Thanking you,

Place: Ghatal
Date: 13.02.2019

  Yous faithfully,
                                                                                                                            Rupam Pan

Write a paragraph about  your favourite man.

Favourite man means a man whom you like most specially for some reasons or changes that is energetic for us. Everyone should have a  fovourite man whom he or she like most. My favourite person is  APJ Abdul Kalam whom I can not forget in my whole life.

The full name of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam. He is popularly known as the Missile Man of India and People’s President. He was born in a poor Tamil Muslim family on 15th of October in 1931 at Rameshwaram, Ramnad district of Madras presidency under British India (currently in Ramanathapuram District, Tamil Nadu). He was a great scientist who also served the country as the 11thPresident of India from 2002 to 2007. After completing his term of presidency, he returned to the civilian life of writing, education, and public service. He worked at various chief positions at ISRO and DRDO then became a Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government Of India as a Cabinet Minister.

He has been honored with the honorary doctorates by at least 30 universities as well as three highest civilian awards of the country (Padma Bhushan 1981, Padma Vibhushan 1990 and Bharat Ratna 1997). He was a great personality and inspiration to the youngsters of country who took his last breath at IIM, Meghalaya on 27th of July in 2015 because of the sudden cardiac arrest. He is not present among us physically however his great works and contributions would be with us forever. He has mentioned his dream of making India a developed country in his book “India 2020-A vision for the New Millennium”.

Write a paragraph about  The Process of Building Construction

The very first step of construction is making sure the ground is graded and prepared right.

Next the foundation goes in. Depending on the type of building will determine the type of foundation is installed.

Once the foundation is in then comes the framing. This is the skeleton of the structure.

A contractor will then drywall the framing and installs all the window and doors.

Next come the electrical and the plumbing.

While that is going on the roof may be finished up.

Paint the walls and side the outside and you have a finished building.

Write a paragraph about  How to publish a school magazine.

A school magazine means the compositions of the students and teachers of a school. To publish a school magazine the following rules are followed.

Firstly a committee is formed to publish magazine. The headmaster becomes the chairman of the committee, some senior teachers assist him, teacher becomes the editor and some brighter students of higher classes become the member of committee. Then a fund is raised and students are asked to contribute to fund. Some pages are sold for the advertisement to collect fund. Next articles are invited from the students and teachers of the school. After that interesting articles are selected from all the collection. These articles are then corrected and by the editing teacher. Finally the articles are given to the press.

 Write a paragraph about A Book You Have Recently Read.

I like to spend the little time in the study after complete of lessons. Recently a book which was read by me named ‘Pather Panchali’ by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay.

I started feeling a deep bond with Apu, Durga, Sarbajaya and other characters. I wished, I played with Apu and Durga in the mango grove. Sarbajaya’s struggle for existence drew tear to my eyes. I could not control myself at the death of Durga. It made me sad when Harihar, Sarbajaya and Apu had to leave their native village due to poverty. I have never read a book so close life.

So, I like this book very much. This becomes my favourite book.

Write a paragraph about Safe Drive Save Life and  it’s usefulness.

“Safe Drive Save Life” is a campaign which was launched by the West Bengal Government to make accident – safety country. Each of us goes to office, country, other work places everyday. But we are not comfortable when we go on the road because accidents take place regularly.  This well known campaign will make a knowledge of the importance of safe drive in our everyday busy life. Traffic rules are not maintained properly by us. The result creates road accidents regularly in our life. We should keep response to the meaningful speech “Safe Drive Save Life”. So, never be hurry to cross roads or when you drive. Be patient when we cross somewhere. Car drivers have their important roles to maintain. It is an important duty to abide the rules. This campaign make this knowledge among country men. We should create create a road show and banners or posters to awake people from accident-zone. This campaign “Safe Drive Save Life” takes a great role in our modern life. It helps to build the accident-less life.

Suppose you are the captain of your school. Now write a notice for the students of your school requesting them to donate money or other useful items for the flood victims of Kerala.

Rathipur Barada Banipith High School


Sub: Kerala Flood Relief Fund

Notice No – 01/abc/2019                                                                               Date: 13.02.2019

All the students are being informed that Kerala Flood Relief Fund has been arranged on 13/02/2019 to raise some funds or other useful items to help the flood victims of Kerala.

The south Indian state of Kerala was affected by the dangerous floods in 15August, 2018 and onwards. 483 people were died. 14 people were missed. Approx a million people were affected. So it is our duty to help them. So you are requested to donate money or other useful things such as foods, clothes, dry foods etc. which will be useful for them. Together raise your helping hands to them.

 So all the interested students are being advised to participate in the programme. They are also being informed to obey their important roles and to help to complete the programme peacefully.

Active participation and full co-operation are being solicited from all the students. Anyone who are willing to know more about the programme may please contact with the undersigned person.

Counter Signed by the Headmaster / Authority
Captain / Secretary
Date: 13/02/2019


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