The Sick Rose: Theme, Symbolism, Question Answer for Class XI (11) WBCHSE

Download Theme, Symbolism, Question Answer of the poem The Sick Rose for Class XI (11) for West Bengal Class 11 Exam. The Sick Rose by William Blake. The Sick Rose BY WILLIAM BLAKE   Bengali Meaning of thepoem ‘The Sick Rose’: O Rose thou art sick. ওহে গোলাপ তুমি হও অসুস্থ The invisible worm, অদৃশ্য পোকাটি That flies in the night যেটা উড়ে বেড়াই রাত্রিতে In the howling storm: গর্জনশীল ঝড়ের Has found out thy bed খুঁজে পাওয়া গেছে…

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