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Download PDF suggestive questions for Madhyamik 2025 Exam. It includes Madhyamik Grammar suggestion 2025, Madhyamik Writing suggestion 2025, Madhyamik Writings suggestion 2025. It will surely help you to get good marks in West Bengal Madhyamik Examination 2025 under WBBSE.

Madhyamik Bengali Suggestion 2025 PDF Download
Madhyamik Bengali Suggestion 2025 PDF Download

Madhyamik English 2025

Download Madhyamik English Suggestion 2025
Madhyamik English  Suggestion 2025 WBBSE ( New Syllabus) Download PDF

Madhyamik English Seen Suggestion 2025:


My Own True Family*****


The Cat*****

Passage on Prose: [MCQ*, Complete the following Sentence*, Satement-Reason, Short Question*]

(The Cat)

  1. Most people think……….cat as really is. *****

Madhyamik English Unseen Suggestion 2025:

(Follow the Times of India, The Telegraph, Indian Express daily News Paper dated from Feb,2023 to Nov, 2023. Specially passage on famous persons, death, sport events, natural disaster, important events etc.)

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Madhyamik English Grammar Preparation Guideline:

Voice Change

  1. Assertive Sentence এর  উপর, বিশেষ করে Past Indefinite / Past Perfect / Past Continuous Tense এর উপর উদাহরণ প্র্যাকটিস করো।******
  2. Interrogative &  Imperative  Sentence এর  উপর Passive Voice Practise করো।**
  3. Infinitive যুক্ত  এমন উদাহরণ Practise করো।
  4. Phrasal Verb  যুক্ত উদাহরণ।
  5. Let  যুক্ত উদাহরণ।

Madhyamik English Grammar Suggestion 2025:

[The same type of example will be common in the examination.]

Voice Change

  1. Floods have damaged many buildings.
  2. Let the door be shut.*
  3. I know the man personally.*
  4. Please keep silent in the classroom.*
  5. The teacher gave me an exercise book.*
  6. I am writing a letter.*
  7. I received a phone call.*
  8. We call the tiger our national animal.*
  9. Someone wrote this letter in the nineteenth century.*
  10. They gave each of the students a handsome prize.*
  11. What did they do?
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