Write Articles and Earn Money in India (up to INR 500 Daily)

Know more about Write Articles and Earn Money in India. You can earn up to INR 500 daily. You can publish your articles on SuggestionPedia’s web pageWe will pay you for that. You can write for us. You can publish your articles, poems, stories, study notes, books, PDF eBooks, etc. on any topic. We are ready to pay you.

Important Note: We are recently updating our policies. We are going to launch an affiliate earning facility and a site author earning facility.Anyone can earn by sharing our website’s affiliate link, writing a blog post, writing course pdf, writing video courses, etc. So stay connected. Soon we will inform you (all of the registered users) when our system gets ready. Thanking you.

Write Articles and Earn Money in India

How to publish on our site?

Think about the topic on which you are going to write about. Then fill up the form below with your articles. Then submit it. We will review your articles within 24 hours. Accepted articles will be online as soon as we review your articles. You will get an email notification about the successful publication of your articles online. You can share the link of your articles among your friends over social media. That’s all.

How to receive payment for your article’s writing?

We will pay the reward money directly to your bank account at the end of the month. You will get an SMS notification for that.

How frequently can you send articles to us?

You can send articles as much as you can. We will pay for every article.

How much do we pay for your writing?

We will pay differently according to your different articles. Anyone can earn handsome money.

What should be the language of writing?

We will only accept your articles or writings in English or Bengali language.

What should be the topic of the articles?

You can write on any topic you write better. We accept short stories, articles, poems, books, ebooks, study notes and much more.

What should be the minimum length of an article?

Minimum of 500 words per article.

How to earn the maximum money per day?

Before you start writing, contact us. We suggest some topics to write about. Then you write on those particular topics which we chose. In that case, we pay a maximum of INR.

Are there any charges required to join or withdraw money?

No, It is completely free. Even we will not charge a single penny. We have a high burden of workload. We want workers online. So why do we charge you? We want only clean and fine works from the online workers.

What are the terms & conditions?

Terms & Conditions: No copy from the internet will be acceptable to pay or publish. We pay great for great work / unique articles. Rejected articles will never be able to get payment. Our team will check the appropriateness of your articles before publishing and payment. Articles must be submitted in the form below. No fraud or scam work will be acceptable. Could you read our privacy policy?

Customer Support:

 Call /SMS – 0 9635053161 contact us.
e-Mail : admin@suggestionpedia.com / rupamdesk@gmail.com