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Paragraph on ‘Amphan Cyclone’ for Madhyamik 2023 WBBSE

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Write a paragraph on Amphan Cyclone for Madhyamik 2023 Exam. English writing on super cyclone Amphan. Report on Amphan cyclone. Notice writing on Amphan Cyclone for class 9,10,11,12. A short paragraph on Amphan Cyclone which is also called Umpun cyclone in 2020.

Paragraph on ‘Amphan Cyclone’:

Paragraph on Amphan CycloneAmphan is a super cyclone which is formed over Bay of Bengal with the highest speed of 180-220km/h on landside area in 2020. Thailand named it as ‘Amphan’ Cyclone. Amphan is the second pre-monsoon cyclone which is formed over the Bay of Bengal in two years. The first one was Cyclone Fani and the second one is Super Cyclone Amphan.

It is a super cyclone after 1999 in India. It’s devastating winds heavily damages specially the coastal area, Digha, Sundarban, 24 Parganas, Kolkata and others districts in West Bengal. It’s strong tail completely destroys the areas. It causes heavy rainfall and at last some coastal areas are flooded. There are several impacts on the cyclone affected people. So many people were homeless, there is no drinking water or dry foods. So many trees and electric poles are wiped out by it. Official said that it caused for 96 people’s death. and so many birds and animals’ death. Approx 6 lakh people are highly affected. some of them are homeless, some of their’s cultivated land or crops are flooded. The capital city of West Bengal, Kolkata sees the Giant Amphan and the devastating power of Nature. Kolkata’s normal life takes 5 to 6 days to restore it’s normal city life.

It is a memorable super and stronger cyclonic storm which can not be forgotten. Whereas so called ‘Amphan’ recalls everybody that science is nothing when it comes to the Nature. So it can be said, “Nature is builder as well as destroyer.”

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Notice on ‘Amphan’:

Suppose you are the cultural secretary of your school. 24 Parganas and Kolkata are highly affected by this super storm. Now write a notice asking the students to give some money or foods or dresses for the poor people. Raise a fund.
Rathipur Barada Banipiuth High School
Sub: Raising A Fund for Amphan Affected People

Notice No – 01/abc/2020

Date: 25.05.2020

All the students are being informed that our school is going to raise a fund for the super cyclone ‘Amphan’ affected people in coastal areas, Sundarban, 24 Parganas, Kolkata in West Bengal. Amphan is a super cyclone which is formed over Bay of Bengal with the highest speed of 180-220km/h on landside area in 2020.

We know very well how the cyclone Amphan is strong and devastating the areas. So we need to help them. So all the students are requested to raise some money, dry foods, old dresses and canvas to donate for those poor people. They are requested also to submit their help to the cultural secretary within 3 days.

 So all the interested students  are being advised to participate in the programme. They are also being informed to obey their important roles and to help to complete the programme peacefully.

Active participation and full co-operation are being solicited from all the students /members / peoples. Anyone who are willing to know more about the programme may please contact with the undersigned person.


Counter Signed by the Headmaster / Authority



Captain / Secretary



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