Success Tips for Higher Secondary Exam | Study Tips for Exam

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There are success tips for Higher Secondary Examination of West Bengal Higher Secondary Board. Follow those Study Tips for Exam. Maintain below success tips / study tips for your nearest examination.

How to make good result in Higher Secondary | Success Tips:

At first I want to that success never comes without hard works. You have to do hard. Thus it makes no mean whatever which exam will be confessed by you. Test exam in over now. There is very little time to prepare yourself at last. So single minute deserves to be the most important now. Now in days the competition grows high to high. If you are a careless about that, you will have to confess your harder life stage. So remember and maintain also about what I want to say something.

Study Tips for Exam:

After some days Test Paper will come in the market. What should have to do now? That is the main point which I am going to explain below –

1. It does a little matter of what scheme you are. i.e. your scheme is arts or science or commerce.
At first you should do mcq / short question at least 20 school pages of Test Paper for all of your subject. Maintain and list out total mcq and short question in your writing khata. If you feel that particular question has to be read more. Than you should do that as at once.

2. After that you should do long type question’s preparation for 20 school pages. You should maintain your reading as well as writing.

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3. There are some style which should have to be followed up in your examination. I want to say about your answers khata which will be more nice to looking out. That’s call PRESENTATION.

4. MCQ and short questions’ preparation should be prepare hardly enough because there are many marks on those portion.

5. After that you should have to do some reading on text portion.

At last, try to be more clear about your answers khata. You should do revision twice in your exam hall. Writing defect is the most negative point for almost every students.
I think you get some helps and guidelines for your forthcoming exam.
I will write later some other important points.

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