The Sick Rose Theme, Symbolism, Question Answer for Class 11 WBCHSE

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Download The Sick Rose Theme, Symbolism, Question Answer for Class 11 WBCHSE. The Sick Rose by William Blake. Symbolism of the poem ‘The Sick Rose‘. Question answer of the poem ‘The Sick Rose’.

“The Sick Rose Theme, Symbolism, Question Answer for Class 11 WBCHSE”

The Sick Rose


 Bengali Meaning:

O Rose thou art sick.

ওহে গোলাপ তুমি হও অসুস্থ
The invisible worm,
অদৃশ্য পোকাটি
That flies in the night
যেটা উড়ে বেড়াই রাত্রিতে
In the howling storm:
গর্জনশীল ঝড়ের

Has found out thy bed
খুঁজে পাওয়া গেছে তোমার বিছানাতে
Of crimson joy:
রক্তিম আনন্দে আনন্দিত অবস্থায়
And his dark secret love
এবং তার অন্ধকারময় গোপন ভালবাসা
Does thy life destroy.
তোমার জীবনকে ধ্বংস করে দেয়

Word Notes:

O Rose- ওহে গোলাপ
Thou – you –  তুমি
Art- are  হও
Sick –  অসুস্থ
Invisible –  অদৃশ্য
Worm –  পোকা
Flies –  উড়ে বেড়াই
Night –  রাত্রিতে
Howling –  গর্জনরত
Storm –  ঝড়
Found out –  খুঁজে পাওয়া গেছে
Thy – your –  তোমার
Bed –  বিছানা
Crimson – bloody –  রক্তিম
Joy –  আনন্দ
Dark secret love –  অন্ধকারময় গোপন ভালবাসা
Thy life – your life –  তোমার জীবন
Destroy –  ধ্বংস করে দেয়

Question Answer:

  • Summary/ gist/ critical appreciation of the poem
  • Symbolism of the poem
  • Describe the rose and the worm.
  • How innocence is destroyed by evil
  • Describe the love relationship between rose and worm.
  • “And his dark secret love / Does thy life destroy.” – explain.
  • “O Rose thou art sick.” – explain.
  • “Has found out thy bed / Of crimson joy” – explain.

[উপরের long প্রশ্ন গুলির জন্য একটিই উত্তর।]


‘The Sick Rose’ is a well known poem which is written by the great poet ‘William Blake’. At first the poet addresses to a rose which is very sick.

“O Rose thou art sick.”

The Invisible worm which flies in the howling storm in night. The worm has found out on the bed of rose.  The worm enjoys crimson joy by cutting its Petals.  The poet explains that this is the love of worm to rose which is dark and secret.  At last the worm destroys the life of the rose.


“And his dark secret love

Does thy life destroy”.

Through this poem the poet wants to compare between positive and negative symbolism in social life. The rose is the symbol of innocent where as the worm is the symbol of cruelty, guilt, destruction. The purity and innocence is destroyed by the destructive experiences of the villain ‘worm’. The poet ironically describes the work of experiences by the worm which is so call ‘love’. Actually it is not love of the worm but such behaviour of the worm is dark and secret in society. It is dark love because rose’s destruction has happened at night by evil. It is secret because no one knows about the incident. Simultaneously good is being destroyed by evil in society. Rose save the life of worm but worm enjoys by destroying the rose’s life. This is the main theme of the poem. Ironically this poem is a perfect piece. The poem is perfect for symbolism elements such as ‘crimson’, ‘love’, ‘bed’, ‘secret’, ‘invisible’, ‘sick’ etc.


  • The rose is – sick.
  • The worm is – invisible.
  • The worm flies- in howling storm in night.
  • The storm is – howling.
  • Crimson joy refers to – the bloody enjoyment of the worm.
  • The worm’s love is – dark and secret.
  • The worm destroys – the rose’s life.
  • Rose is the symbol of – love.
  • The worm is the symbol of – destruction.
  • Dark stands for – night.
  • The love is secret because – no one knows about it.
  • This poem is taken from – ‘The Songs of Experience’.
  • This poem is an – symbolical poem.
  • Rose stands for – innocence and love.
  • The worm’s love is – destructive.
  • Howling means – roaring.
  • Crimson means the color of – red.
  • Dark stands for – night.


  • Where from is the poem taken?

The poem is taken from the poem sequence ‘The Songs of Experience’.

  • What kind of a poem is this?

This is a symbolic poem.

  • What does the rose / worm stand for?

Rose stands for beauty, purity, innocence, kind, love etc. The worm stands for evil, destruction,           villain etc.

  • When does the worm fly?

The worm is flying in night in the howling storm.

  • Where has the worm entered?

The worm has entered in the bed of rose.

  • Why the rose is sick?

The rose is sick because the worm enjoys crimson joy by cutting the rose’s petals.

  • Why the love of the worm is dark and secret?

The love of the worm is dark because it has happened in night and this work is done for the rose’s destruction.
he worm described in the poem?

The worm is invisible. He takes the shelter in rose’s bed in howling stormy night.

  • Whose bed is referred to here?

The rose’s petals are referred to here as ‘bed’.

  • What does the crimson joy indicate?

Crimson joy indicates the destructive bloody enjoyment of the worm.

  • Whose life is destroyed and why?

The rose’s life is destroyed because the destructive worm destroys the purity of the rose.

  • How does the worm destroy the life of rose?

Taking shelter in rose’s bed, the worm destroys the purity and beauty of the rose by cutting it’s petals.

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