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Download Madhyamik English Note on Fable. Fable poem class 10 questions and answers. Fable poem class 10 PDF download. Read Fable poem summary. Read central idea of the poem Fable. West Bengal Secondary Examination Study materials on the poem ‘Fable‘. (WBBSE) Madhyamik Class Notes. “Fable” is a poem written by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Madhyamik English Note on Fable:

Hi! all of my online students of Madhyamik Examination. Today I provide a complete question answer sheet on the poem Fable which will help you immensely greatly. At first read the text carefully. Before reading of any text, work out every words and it’s meaning properly then you should read these answers paper. It’s a great news that you will get seen passage on Madhyamik Examination. So it becomes more easier. However read my below answer paper. Remember these questions are very important. If you feel any doubts or any hesitation then soon contact me or write your problems on comments box. Surely I will provide full assistance. On the eve of Madhyamik examination I will provide some technique and style and carefulness which must help you to get more marks surely. Read below Fable Note.

MCQ on “Fable”:

The quarrel was between the mountain and the Squirrel.
Bun has no doubt that the mountain is big.
Unlike a mountain a squirrel can crack a nut.
The thing that differs is – talent.
The mountain called the squirrel “little prig.
The squirrel is more spry than the mountain.
‘Former’ refers to – the mountain.
‘Latter ‘ refers to – the the squirrel (little prig / Bun)
Squirrel can crack a nut.
“Bun replied” – here bun  is – the squirrel.

SAQ on “Fable”:

Who had a quarral with the squirrel ?
Ans. The mountain had a quarrel with the squrrel.
What is not a disgrace to the squirrel?
Ans. It is not a disgrace to the squirrel that it occupies its own place.
What did the mountain call the squirrel ?
Ans. The mountain called the squrrel a little prig.
Who referred to as bun?
Ans. The  squrrel is referred to as bun.
How can one make up a year ?
Ans. One can make up a year by taking in all sorts of things and weather together.
What can squirrel do , that a mountain can’t ?
Ans. A squirrel can crack a nut, but a mountain can’t do this.
Who can make a track ?
Ans. Mountain can make a track for squirrel  that is pretty.
Who can not carry forests on his back?
Ans. The squirrel can not carry forests on his back.

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