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Download “Madhyamik English suggestion 2023″ on reduced syllabus PDF for WBBSE West Bengal Madhyamik 2023 Exam. Get West Bengal Madhyamik English Suggestion PDF. It will surely help you to be prepare yourself minutely in the West Bengal Secondary Examination 2023. Read the following guidelines about Madhyamik English Suggestion.

Madhyamik English  Suggestion 2023 ( New Syllabus)  Download PDF

Madhyamik English Suggestion

Madhyamik English Suggestion 2023 Overview:

Exam Name Madhyamik (Class 10)
Subject English
Approximate Common in 2023 Above 90%

Duration of the Exam: 11.45 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Marks Distribution of Madhyamik English:

Total Marks 100. (Written Marks – 90, Viva cum Project – 10)

Madhyamik English Suggestion Syllabus:

Seen – 20 Marks
Proses + Poems
Unseen – 20 Marks
From Recent Newspaper Report
Grammar & Vocabulary – 20 Marks
Writings – 30 Marks
Syllabus for Madhyamik English Suggestion 2023:
Prose: Father’s Help,  The Passing Away of Bapu, Our Runaway Kite, The Cat,
Poems: Fable, My Own True Family, Sea Fever, The Snail.

Articles & Prepositions; Correct Form of Verbs; Voice Change; Narration Change; Simple-Complex-Compound, Assertive-Imperative-Interrogative; Gerund & Participle; Phrasal Verbs etc.
Writings: Paragraph, Report, Letter; Process; Story

English Suggestion Probability:

SuggestionPedia has been providing suggestion for West Bengal Madhyamik Exam since 2012. We get high response from our students all over West Bengal. In Madhyamik Examination, our suggestion for English subject received the performance of 90% common questions.

We wish that our English suggestion will come of 90% common in 2023 Madhyamik Exam. So don’t neglect any questions in suggestion copy.

Suggestion helps any student to know the important questions according to their marks division. I also helps to carry pass marks as well as 80 to 90% marks in Madhyamik 2023 Examination.

How to Get Good Marks in Madhyamik 2023:

  1. Read the text, Madhyamik English Suggestion 2023 pdf carefully at first.
  2. After Test Exam, practice test paper specially objective question should be cleared enough.
  3. Solve the problematic question.
  4. Give mock exam for 4 times after test exam.
  5. Create good Khata Presentation with good hand writing.
  6. Follow writing style of Rank student in Class.
  7. Before Final exam, Bengali subject should be revised 3 times.
  8. Khata Presentation, Writing Technique, Handwriting Style are more essentials to rank in West Bengal Madhyamik Exam.
  9. Spelling mistake and Grammar mistake should be recovered.
  10. Make a plan according to different marks division before work out final exam. I want to say make a list of what you will do at the fist half and second half of 1st hour.  Then 2nd and 3rd.
  11. In examination hall revise of 2 times will be helpful enough. 1st Revise : Check spelling mistake. 2nd Revise: Add or remove answers technically wherever it is needed.

Madhyamik English Suggestion 2023 WBBSE:

SuggestionPedia provided Madhyamik English Suggestion of  WBBSE Board suggestions since 2012. Our teachers try to give our best. Suggestionpedia surely assure to all the students our Madhyamik English  suggestions accuracy. We can not tell you that this suggestion will be common 100%. Originally what percentage I say about that is 60% or 80% or 90%, definitely that percentage will be common surely. We print exact percentage on every Suggestion Cover Page.

All the Madhyamik candidates which are first to prepare such kind of important examination in their life. So it is usual that will be frightful to every students. But Being honest we recommend them not to be afraid but be practical enough.We provide not only Bengali Subject Suggestion but also all Subjects Suggestions. We provide West Bengal Madhyamik and Higher Secondary suggestions plus Study Materials. We had been receiving good response from all the students in West Bengal.

Prepare yourself enough, read according to the daily routine. Not to waste any one minute in this stage because this year is very much important in your life. You easily will get anything which you want but surely these days will never come in your life.

Madhyamik English Suggestion 2023 (Demo Copy):

Seen – 20




Our Runaway Kite******

Grammar & Vocabulary – 20

Correct Verb Forms –                            1 x 3 = 3

Articles and Preposition –                      1 x 3 =3

Do as directed –                                       1 x 3 = 3

Indirect speech
Voice change
Turn into simple/complex/single/interrogative/negative sentence
Degree change/Too-to/ None-but/No…sooner-than.

Phrasal verb –                                      1 x 3 = 3

Synonyms from unseen passage –        2 x 4 = 8

Phrasal Verb ( প্রতি বছর এখান থেকে তিনটি করে Phrasal Verb Common অবশ্যই আসে)

Bear Away, Bear With,  Break Down, Break Into, Break Out, Break Up,…………………………………

Voice Change
  1. Flood has damaged many buildings.
  2. Let the door be shut.*
  3. I know the man personally.*
  4. Please keep silence in the classroom.*
  5. The teacher gave me an exercise book.*
  6. I am writing a letter.*
  7. I received a phone call.*
  8. We call the tiger our national animal.*
  9. Someone wrote this letter in the nineteenth century.*
  • Your Favourite Book***** / A Book You Have Recentkly Read


Flowchart paragraph

How sanitizer is prepared*****

Letter Writing
  • Loudspeaker – Editor*****
  • Yaas Relief Fund – Editor*****
  • COVID 19 / Virul Fever Prevention – Editor*****



Super Cyclone Relief Fund –  School Captain*************

  1. A sailor-lost way in storm-struggle in water-thrown on an island at day break-hungry and thirsty-sees coconut trees-unable to climb-finds monkeys on tree-tops-throws stones-monkey imitate-throw coconut at him-gets both food and drink.*
  1. A famous scientist—wanted to celebrate his birthday—No guests turned up—scientist worried—noticed undistributed invitation cards in the drawer—understood his mistake—blamed himself.


(The Passing Away of Bapu)

I was having tea….. Bapu was no more*****

MCQ with ANS.

  1. The author took tea on – the evening of 30th Jan, 1948
  2. An urgent telephone called – the author.
  3. The author was called to – Birla house.
  4. Gandhiji had been shot on his way to – a prayer meeting.
  5. The author was numb with –
  6. Gandhiji’s relatives had gathered at – Birla House.


KOLKATA: When Jhulan Goswami had to jostle her way out of the Netaji International Airport in Kolkata, as hundreds of fans and club officials thronged outside the gate to greet the lanky pacer, no one noticed that another girl, also coming from London, had an equal contribution for her country. Her step towards success will brought innumerable hopes to all those girls sulking inside with a passion to do something in life. She is not a cricketer, or a tennis or badminton player. 19-year-old Sayani Das from Kolkata etched her name in history, conquering the English Channel. Her predecessors of Bengal were Arati Saha, Bula Chowdhury, Amrita Das, Rashmi Sharma and first-Muslim girl Tahrina A Nasrin. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Download Madhyamik English Suggestion 2023 PDF:

(সম্পুর্ন সাজেশান দেখতে নিচের দেওয়া লিঙ্কে ক্লিক করো)

Madhyamik English  Suggestion 2023 ( New Syllabus)  Download PDF

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How can I score high marks in Madhyamik 2023 exam of West Bengal?

Follow our suggestions, prepare yourself according to routine.

How can I find the best suggestions online for the Madhyamik 2023 examination?

Search suggestion from SuggestionPedia.

How can one get full marks in English in Madhyamik 2023?

Strict learning with our guidelines.

How to get good marks in Madhyamik 2023?

Follow our suggestion for Madhyamik 2023 exam.

How to prepare for madhyamik exam 2023?

Prepare text book, test paper, our suggestion, frequently give mock test.

What are the important writing for Madhyamik 2023 exam?

See our suggestion.

What are the important letter writing for Madhyamik 2023?

Download our suggestion pdf

What are the important paragraph for Madhyamik 2023?

We soon write paragraph writing topics.

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