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Download “Madhyamik English Suggestion 2025″ PDF for the WBBSE Board. Get Good marks in the West Bengal Madhyamik 2025 Exam. Get West Bengal Madhyamik English Suggestion PDF. It will surely help you to prepare yourself minutely for the West Bengal Secondary Examination 2025. Read the following guidelines about Madhyamik English Suggestion.

Download Madhyamik English Suggestion 2025
Madhyamik English  Suggestion 2025 WBBSE ( New Syllabus) Download PDF

madhyamik english suggestion 2025
madhyamik english suggestion 2025

Madhyamik English Suggestion 2025 Overview:


Exam Name Madhyamik (Class 10)
Subject English
Approximate Common in 2025 Above 90%
Medium Bengali
Format PDF


Duration of the Exam: 11.45 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Marks Distribution of Madhyamik English Suggestion:

Total Marks 100. (Written Marks – 90, Viva cum Project – 10)

Madhyamik English Suggestion Syllabus:

Seen – 20 Marks
Proses + Poems
Unseen – 20 Marks
From Recent Newspaper Report
Grammar & Vocabulary – 20 Marks
Writings – 30 Marks

Madhyamik English Prose, Poem, Grammar, Writings Suggestion:

Prose: Father’s Help,  The Passing Away of Bapu, Our Runaway Kite, The Cat,
Poems: Fable, My Own True Family, Sea Fever, The Snail.
Grammar:Articles & Prepositions; Correct Form of Verbs; Voice Change; Narration Change; Simple-Complex-Compound, Assertive-Imperative-Interrogative; Gerund & Participle; Phrasal Verbs etc.
Writings: Paragraph, Report, Letter; Process; Story

English Suggestion Probability in 2025:

SuggestionPedia has been providing suggestions for the West Bengal Madhyamik Exam since 2012. We get high responses from our students and teachers all over West Bengal. In the Madhyamik Examination, our suggestion of English subject received the performance of 90% common questions.

We hope that our English suggestion will become 90% common in the 2025 Madhyamik Exam. So don’t neglect any questions in the suggestion copy.

Suggestion helps any student to know the important questions according to their marks division. Suggestion also helps to carry pass marks as well as 80 to 90% marks in the Madhyamik 2025 Examination.

How to Get Good Marks in Madhyamik 2025:

  1. Read the text, Madhyamik English Suggestion 2025 pdf, carefully at first.
  2. After the Test Exam, practice test papers, especially objective questions, should be clear enough.
  3. Solve the problematic question.
  4. Give mock exam for 4 times after the test exam.
  5. Create a good Khata Presentation with good handwriting.
  6. Follow the writing style of Rank student in Class.
  7. Before the Final exam, the Bengali subject should be revised 3 times.
  8. Khata Presentation, Writing Technique, and Handwriting Style are essential to rank in the West Bengal Madhyamik Exam.
  9. Spelling mistakes and Grammar mistakes should be recovered.
  10. Make a plan according to different marks divisions before working out the final exam. Make a list of what you will do in the first half and second half of 1st hour. Then, 2nd and 3rd.
  11. In the examination hall, revise of 2 times will be helpful enough. 1st Revise: Check spelling mistakes. 2nd Revise: Add or remove answers technically wherever it is needed.

Madhyamik English Suggestion 2025 WBBSE:

SuggestionPedia provided Madhyamik English Suggestion of WBBSE Board suggestions since 2012. Our teachers try to give our best. SuggestionPedia surely assures all the students our Madhyamik English suggestions are accurate. We can not tell you that this suggestion will be common 100%. Originally, what percentage I said that is 60%, 80% or 90% definitely that percentage will be common. We print the exact percentage on every Suggestion Cover Page.

All the Madhyamik candidates are first to prepare for such kind of important examination in their lives. So it is usual that it will be frightful to every student. But Being honest, we recommend them not to be afraid but to be practical enough. SuggestionPedia provide not only Bengali Subject Suggestions but also all Subjects Suggestions. We provide West Bengal Madhyamik and Higher Secondary suggestions, plus Study Materials. SuggestionPedia have been receiving good responses from all the students in West Bengal.

Prepare yourself enough, and read according to your daily routine. Do not waste any one minute in this stage because this year is very important in your life. You easily will get anything which you want but surely these days will never come in your life.

Madhyamik English Suggestion 2025:

(Soon we upload Madhyamik 2025 English suggestion. Visit this website.)

(Demo Copy of 2024)

Madhyamik – 2024 Last Minute Suggestion (No 1 & 100% Helpful)

Sub: English (B)

Prepared by Rupam Pan (Eng. Hons. M.A.; PGDCA; Admin of

Madhyamik English Seen Suggestion 2025:


My Own True Family*****


The Cat*****

Passage on Prose: [MCQ*, Complete the following Sentence*, Satement-Reason, Short Question*]

(The Cat)

  1. Most people think……….cat as really is. *****

Madhyamik English Unseen Suggestion 2025:

(Follow the Times of India, The Telegraph, Indian Express daily News Paper dated from Feb,2023 to Nov, 2023. Specially passage on famous persons, death, sport events, natural disaster, important events etc.)

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Madhyamik English Grammar Preparation Guideline:

Voice Change

  1. Assertive Sentence এর  উপর, বিশেষ করে Past Indefinite / Past Perfect / Past Continuous Tense এর উপর উদাহরণ প্র্যাকটিস করো।******
  2. Interrogative &  Imperative  Sentence এর  উপর Passive Voice Practise করো।**
  3. Infinitive যুক্ত  এমন উদাহরণ Practise করো।
  4. Phrasal Verb  যুক্ত উদাহরণ।
  5. Let  যুক্ত উদাহরণ।

Madhyamik English Grammar Suggestion 2025:

[The same type of example will be common in the examination.]

Voice Change

  1. Floods have damaged many buildings.
  2. Let the door be shut.*
  3. I know the man personally.*
  4. Please keep silent in the classroom.*
  5. The teacher gave me an exercise book.*
  6. I am writing a letter.*
  7. I received a phone call.*
  8. We call the tiger our national animal.*
  9. Someone wrote this letter in the nineteenth century.*
  10. They gave each of the students a handsome prize.*
  11. What did they do?

Madhyamik English Phrasal Verbs Suggestion 2025:

  • Important Phrasal Verb for Madhyamik 2025 Exam.

Some Rules:

  1. Question এ একটি করে Sentence দেওয়া থাকবে। যেখানে Synonyms টির তলায় Underline বা Synonyms টি মোটা অক্ষরে লেখা থাকবে।

তোমাদেরকে ওই Synonyms টির অর্থ অনুযায়ী Phrasal Verb টি বসাতে হবে।

  1. মনে রাখবে Synonyms টি Past/Present/-s,es যে Form এ থাকবে, সেই Form অনুযায়ী Phrasal Verb টি বসাতে হবে।
Phrasal Verb Synonyms Bengali Meaning
Act on / upon Affect ক্ষতি করা
Act for Work on behalf of কারও পক্ষে কাজ করা
Bear with Tolerate সহ্য করা
Bear away Win জয়লাভ করা
Bear out Confirm সমর্থন করা
Bear up Sustain বজায় রাখা
Blow out Extinguish নেভানো
Blow off Emit নির্গত হওয়া
Blow up Destroy, exaggerate বিস্ফরন, অতিরিক্ত
Blow away Remove তুলে নেওয়া
Break down Fail ভেঙে পড়া
Break with Quarrel ঝগড়া করা
Break off Stop suddenly হটাত থেমে যাওয়া
Break out Start suddenly প্রাদুর্ভাব
Break up Close বন্ধ
Break into Enter by chance জোর করে প্রবেশ করা
Bring about Cause ঘটানো
Bring down Reduce কমান
Bring forth Produce উৎপন্ন
Bring up Rear লালন পালন করা
Bring out Publish প্রকাশ করা
Cut out Reject বাতিল করা
Cut away Throw ছুঁড়ে ফেলা
Carry on Continue চালিয়ে যাওয়া
Carry out Obey মান্য করা
Carry off Cause to death, win মৃত্যু ঘটানো, জয়লাভ
Call up Remember স্মরণ করা
Call in Send for ডেকে পাঠানো
Call off Withdraw/canceal তুলে নেওয়া
Call at Visit ঘুরতে যাওয়া
Call for Demand দাবি করা
Call on Meet দেখা করা
Cry for Demand দাবি করা
Cry off Abandon পরিত্যাগ করা
Cut off Separate বিচ্ছিন্ন
Cut down Reduce কমান
Draw away Divert সরিয়ে নেওয়া
Draw back Retreat পিছিয়ে আসা
Do away with Abolish লুপ্ত হওয়া
Fall out Quarrel ঝগড়া করা
Fall in with Agree with একমত হওয়া
Fall on Attack আক্রমণ
Fall through Fail ব্যারথ।
Get away with Escape পলায়ন
Get out Publish প্রকাশিত
Get in Arrive/admit/enter পৌঁছানো, ভর্তি, প্রবেশ
Give up Abandon ত্যাগ
Give off Emit নির্গত
Give away Make over বিতরণ
Give in Surrender ধরা দেওয়া
Give out Declared ঘোষণা করা
Go on Continue চালিয়ে যাওয়া
Go out Extinguish নিভিয়ে দেওয়া
Go over Change পরিবর্তন
Go after Follow অনুসরণ করা
Go through Read carefully পড়া
Go with Agree সম্মত হওয়া
Go away Left ত্যাগ করা
Hold in Check সংযত
Hold back Conceal গোপন
Hold up Delay দেরি করা
Hold with Agree একমত
Hang over Postpone স্থগিত রাখা
Hang up Put up, delay ঝোলানো, দেরি করা
Keep away Be at a distance দূরে থাকা
Keep in Stay indoors আটকে থাকা
Keep on Continue চালিয়ে যাওয়া
Keep up with Keep space with সমানে থাকা
Keep up Maintain বজায় রাখা
Lay out Plan পরিকল্পনা করা
Lay down Sacrifice বিসর্জন
Look after Take care দেখাশুনা করা
Look down upon Hate ঘৃণা করা
Look for Search অন্বেষণ করা
Look on / upon Consider গণ্য করা
Look over Examin quickly পরীক্ষা
Make of / out Understand বুঝতে পারা
Make off Escape পালিয়ে যাওয়া
Make over Deliver হস্তান্তর করা
Make up Complete পরিপূরণ করা
Pass over Neglect উপেক্ষা
Pass through Experience অভিগ্যতা
Pass on Proceed এগিয়ে যাওয়া
Pull down Demolish ভেঙে ফেলা
Pull off Remove খুলে ফেলা
Put away Leave ছেড়ে দেওয়া
Put out Extinguish নিভিয়ে দেওয়া
Put off Postpone স্থগিত রাখা
Put up with Tolerate সহ্য করা
put on Wear পরিধান
Put down Suppress দমন
Run after Pursue পিছু ধাওয়া করা
Run over Overflow চাপা পড়া
Run away Go away পালিয়ে যাওয়া
Run out Exhausted শেষ হওয়া
Set in Begin শুরু
Set off Start শুরু
Set up Establish স্থাপন করা
Set on Pursue অনুধাবন
Stand by Support সাহায্য
Stand for Represent প্রতীক হওয়া
Take after Resemble সদৃশ হওয়া
Take away Remove খুলে নেওয়া
Take off Remove খুলে নেওয়া
Take down Write লেখা
Tell upon Affect ক্ষতি করা
Turn down Reject বাতিল করা
Turn off Switch off বন্ধ করা
Write down Write লেখা


Madhyamik English Writings Suggestion 2025:

Most Important: 

Letter – Editorial******


Paragraph***** / Biography**


Madhyamik English Letter Writing Suggestion 2025:

  • High prices of essentisal commodities – Editor*****

Madhyamik English Report Writing Suggestion 2025:


  1. Write a newspaper report within 100 words about 2022 Amarnath Floods (Date and time – place-causes-consequence-action taken.)******
  2. Write a newspaper report within 100 words about 2022 Surat Gas Leak (Date and time – place-causes-consequence-action taken.)****

Madhyamik English Paragraph Writing Suggestion 2025:

  • Your Favourite Book/ A Book You Have Recentkly Read*******
  • A Person You Admire Most in Your Family**** /Your Favourite Teacher/ Author

Madhyamik English Seen Important Question 2025:

(The Passing Away of Bapu)

I was having tea….. Bapu was no more

MCQ with ANS.

  1. The author took tea on – the evening of 30th Jan, 1948
  2. An urgent telephone called – the author.
  3. The author was called to – Birla house.
  4. Gandhiji had been shot on his way to – a prayer meeting.
  5. Gandhiji’s relatives had gathered at – Birla House.
  6. There was silence because – gandhiji breaehed his last.
  7. The news of Bapuji’s death had spread through Delhi like – a flame.
  8. Around the Birla House, the men were – sad.
  9. The people jostled one another in – a stampede.
  10. Funeral means – last rites.
  11. The crowd collected around – Birla House.
  12. “I was having tea at home” – The person referred to here is – Nayantara Sehgal.

Madhyamik English Unseen Suggestion 2025:

8th July, 2022: At least 16 people have died and 40 are feared missing after flash floods swept through campsite in near the holy Amarnath Cave Temple in India controlled Jammu and Kashmir. The floods struck after a short period of torrential rain, described locally as a cloudburst, around 17:30 on 08 July 2022. The rain sent flash floods cascading through a camp of 25 tents and 3 community kitchens for pilgrims to the Amarnath Cave Temple near Pahalgam in Jammu and Kashmir, and about 141 km from Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir.

India’s Ministry of Home Affairs reported on 09 July that 16 dead bodies have been recovered, 65 people were injured and shifted to hospital for further treatment. More than 40 pilgrims are still missing.

Teams from Indo-Tibetan Border Police, National and State Disaster Response Forces, Border Security Force, Indian Army and Air Force among others were deployed to the site to help with rescues and evacuations. Helicopters started rescue operations early on 09 July.

Unseen Passage Continue:

Thousands of pilgrims are thought to be stranded near the site. The huge operation to move pilgrims to safer areas in Panjtarni and Nilagrar is ongoing, the Ministry of Home Affairs said.

Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha expressed his condolences over the loss of lives in the incident.

“Deeply pained by unfortunate incident of cloudburst at Shri Amarnathji holy cave, in which precious lives have been lost. I send my heartfelt condolences to bereaved families. Rescue operation by NDRF, SDRF, BSF, Army, JKP & Shrine board admin is in progress, the LG wrote on Social Media.

Heavy rain has caused flooding and landslides in other areas of the region over the last few days. Local media reported one person died in landslide in the Mandi area of Poonch on 08 July. Meanwhile the search is ongoing for 2 people swept away by away by floods near Rajouri town on the same day.

Madhyamik English Story Moral List:

  1. Unity brings prosperity
  2. One man’s sport is another man’s death
  3. Where there is will, there is a way
  4. Death is common for everybody.
  5. A friend in need is a friend indeed
  6. A promise should be kept
  7. Too much greed is bad
  8. God is good
  9. Nobody believes a liar
  10. Honesty is always rewarded
  11. Never believe a rogue
  12. It is easy to say but hard to do
  13. Dishonesty never runs long
  14. Necessity is the mother of invention
  15. Tit for tat
  16. Disguise does not change one’s own character
  17. Truth must come out
  18. Don’t help the wicked
  19. Any excuse will serve a tyrant
  20. Self help is the best help
  21. Intelligence is a sharper that a sword
  22. Wisdom is the real power
  23. Greed brings ruin
  24. Slow and steady wins the race
  25. It is wrong to judge anything from a partial truth

Download Madhyamik English Suggestion 2025 PDF:

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Download Madhyamik English Suggestion 2025
Madhyamik English  Suggestion 2025 WBBSE ( New Syllabus) Download PDF

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FAQ about Madhyamik English Suggestion:

How can I score high marks in Madhyamik 2025 exam of West Bengal?
Follow our suggestions, prepare yourself according to routine.
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Search suggestion from SuggestionPedia.
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Strict learning with our guidelines.
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What are the date of 2025 Madhyamik exam?
12 February, 2025
What are the passing mark?
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