Paragraph on ‘Safe Drive Save Life’ for Madhyamik 2025

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Paragraph on ‘Safe Drive Save Life’ for Madhyamik 2025

 ➦Write a paragraph about the campaign “Safe Drive Save Life”.

Or,Paragraph on 'Safe Drive Save Life'

➦Write a paragraph about road safety for children and students.

“Safe Drive Save Life” is a campaign which the West Bengal Government launched to make accident – safety country. Each of us goes to the office, country, and other workplaces every day. But we are not comfortable when we go on the road because accidents take place regularly. This well-known campaign will make knowledge of the importance of safe driving in our everyday busy lives. Traffic rules are not maintained properly by us. The result creates road accidents regularly in our lives. We should keep responding to the meaningful speech “Safe Drive Save Life”. So, never be hurry to cross roads or when you drive. Be patient when we cross somewhere. Car drivers have their important roles to maintain. It is an important duty to abide by the rules. This campaign makes this knowledge among fellow citizens. We should create a roadshow and banners or posters to awaken people from the accident zone. This campaign, “Safe Drive Save Life”, plays a great role in our modern life. It helps to build an accident-less life.

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