Asleep in the Valley Short Question Answer for HS WBCHSE

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Read Asleep in the Valley Short Question Answer for HS Exam preparation. Short question answers of the poem ‘Asleep in the Valley‘. West Bengal Higher Secondary Examination Preparation. This is special class notes of the poem asleep in the valley to prepare English Subject Examination of WBCHSE. Higher Secondary Examination. This will help you immensely.

Asleep in the Valley Short Question Answer:

Important MCQ:

1. The smile of the soldier is – gentle without guile H.S. 2015
2. The soldiers pillow is made of – fern H.S. 2017
3. The soldier lies in the valley because he is a – casualty of war. WBCHSE Model Question
4. The dead soldier is – very young. WBCHSE Model Question
5. The poet request nature – to keep the soldier warm. WBCHSE Model Question
6. Asleep in the valley is a – Shakespearean sonnet.
7. The two red holes indicate – the soldier is dead / bullets wound.
8. The original poem is – Le Dormeur Du Val
9. The original poem is written in – French language.
10. The poet writes this poem in – free verse.
11. This poem is – lyric.
12. The poet uses – the sonnet form.
13. The poem reflects – the futility / pity of war.
14. The valley is – small and green.
15. The stream is – slow.
16. The sun rays are coming from – the mountaintop.
17. Hollow means – an empty space.
18. Heavy undergrowth means – plants / shrubbery on the ground of valley.
19. The sun rays are compared to – a stream.
20. The soldier lies – open mouthed.
21. The soldier’s body lies –  stretched.
22. The young soldier’s body looks – pale / colourless.
23. The soldier’s feet were – amoung the flowers.
24. The insects were – humming.
25. The soldier has in his side – two red holes.
26. The bed is warm because – it is sun-soaked.

Important Short Questions:

  • What does the stream leave long strands of silver? H.S. 2017

The stream leaves long strands of silver on the green grass on the valley.

  • What is described as gentle without guile? H.S. 2017

The smile of the dead soldier is described as gentle without guile.

  • What do the two red holes signify? H.S. 2015

The two red holes signify that the soldier is dead by bullets wounds in the war.

  • The humming insects don’t disturb his rest – why? WBCHSE Model Question 

Because the soldier is sleeping peacefully.

  • What is the smile of the dead soldier compared to? WBCHSE Model Question 

The smile of the dead soldier is compared to the gentle and innocent smile of an infant.

  • What does the word hollow describe? WBCHSE Model Question

The word hollow means an empty space on the valley.

  • What is the soldier’s pillow made of? WBCHSE Model Question 

The soldier’s pillow is made of fern.

  • Where does the stream flow?

The stream flows through the small and green valley.

  • What is the setting of the poem?

The setting of the poem is probably the Franco-Russian War of 1877 or The Franco-Prussian War of 1870.

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