‘The Proposal’ Question Answer for HS Class 12 | Short, Long Question

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‘The Proposal’ by Anton Chekhov.  ‘The Proposal’ Question Answer for HS Class 12 WBCHSE. MCQ, SAQ, Long question of the drama ‘The Proposal’ for HS Exam. ‘The Proposal’ Long question with answers. ‘The Proposal’ Short question with answers for best result.

“‘The Proposal’ Question Answer for HS Class 12 WBCHSE”

MCQ / Short Question:

    1. It is Russian
    2. The Proposal is a one act play.
    3. The hero of the play is Lomov.
    4. Natalya is the daughter of Chubukov.
    5. Natalya’s age is 25.
    6. The play takes place at Chukukov’s country – house.
    7. Chubukov is a land- owner.
    8. Chubukov thinks that Lomov has come to him to borrow money.
    9. Lomov had gone there to ask for Natalya’s hand.
    10. Lomov’s full name is Ivan Vassilevitch.
    11. The name of the land over which the argument started between Ivan Vassilevitch and Natalya is Oxen Meadows.
    12. Oxen Meadows is between birchwoods and Burnt Marsh.
    13. The peasants belonging to Natalya’s father’s grandfather had the free use of the meadows for 40years.
    14. The meadow is about 5 dessiatins.
    15. The name of the Ivan’s dog is Guess.
    16. Ivan’s dog has gone lame.
    17. Natalya’s dog is
    18. Squeezer is the son of Harness and Chisels.
    19. Chubukov’s full name is Stepan Stepanovitch Chubukov.
    20. The meadows is cost of 300 roubles.
    21. The another name of this play is ‘The Marriage Proposal’..
    22. The play begins in a drawing room in Chubukov’s house.
    23. Lomov wore a dress- jacket and white glubs.
    24. The age of Lomov is 35.
    25. The owner of the threshing – machine is Natalya.
    26. Lomov bought Guess from Mironov for 125 roubles.
    27. The cost of the Squeezer is 85 roubles.
    28. Lomov is dressed in formal clothes because – he is going to propose Natalya.
    29. The first argument is over land.
    30. The second argument is over hunting dog.
    31. Lomov feels the pull in his sleep ……………times.
    32. Lomov suffers from palpetition.The play was acted in the late 1880s.
    33. Lomov came in the New Year eve.
    34. According to Natalya, Lomov is a land-grabber.
    35. According to Chubukov, Lomov’s grandmother was drunkard and glambler.
    36. According to Lomov, Chubukov’s mother was hump-backed.
    37. Lomov’s heart was his hat.
    38. Chubukov will shoot himself because of Natalya.
    39. Lomov calls Chubukov – a grabber.
    40. Ivan Lomov’s aunt was Natasha Mihalovna.
    41. Lomov said that he jumped like a lunatic.
    42. Natalaya says that they are shelling peas for drying.
    43. Chubukov wants to shoot Lomov like a patridge.
    44. Lomov argued that the peasants of Natalya’s father’s grandfather freely used the Meadows for – 40 Years.
    45. Natalya is an excellent – house keeper.
  1. Lomov feels a twitch in his right – eye brow.
  2. Lomov feels a sudden pull in his – left side.
  3. At the time of getting of sleep Lomov feels another pull – 20 times.
  4. Natalya meets Lomov , dressed in a loose – gown.
  5. Natalya asks Lomov to have some – lunch.
  6. Natalya asks Lomov if he was going to – a ball.
  7. Lomov inherited land from his – late aunt and her husband.
  8. According to Lomov, the peasants of Natalya’s father’s grandfather used to bake – bricks.
  9. Pettifogger means – lawyer.
  10. Lomov will have the matter of dispute taken to – court.
  11. According to Lomov, Squeezer should not be more than – 25 roubles.
  12. Chubukov celebrates the union with – champagne.
  13. Lomov argues that a dog like Squeezer can be found under – every bush.

Important Long  Question:

Love relationship between Lomov and Natalya.


The marriage proposal is important to all characters. – Discuss.***

In Chekhov’s society, marriage is not a union of two minds; rather a suitable business deal where both sides have to earn profit. In ‘The Proposal’, the marriage is also a profitable hope. Chubukov, the father, Natalya, the daughter and Lomov — all belong to the moneyed, land-owner class. Chubukov sees a financially perfection in Lomov for he was really concerned over the marriage of Natalya. Natalya herself realised that all her land issues will be immediately solved once she gets married. Lomov was under tremendous social pressure to get married and then, there always was a possibility of doubling of property if Natalya is the bride. Thus the proposal was important to all for separate reasons.

Character of Natalya. ***

Natalya is Chubukov’s daughter. She is young unmarried girl of twenty five years. She is well educated. She fights with Lomov over a petty land issue and later when she realises that Lomov had come to propose her for marriage, she forces her father to bring Lomov back immediately. For Natalya too, emotions and passion have no room. Marriage is a convenient business deal. A silly girl, Natalya starts fighting with Lomov immediately after the proposal is made as she no longer has to allow a victory to Lomov. Thus, like the other two characters in The Proposal’, Natalya is too hopelessly materialistic and ready to marry with Lomov.


Describe ‘The Proposal’ as a one-act play.***

Anton Chekhov’s ‘The Proposal’ is a one-act play. It obeys the rules of unity of time, plot and action. The play starts and finishes within a span of a single day. Plus there is no time-travel. All the three characters here are central and indispensable for the construction of the play. Moreover, there is no side character to digress the progress of the story. There is just one action in the play ; that is to put forth a marriage proposal. The plot is one-dimensional. Thus the play stands as a one-act play in all aspect.

Make a brief sketch of social life as you see in the play.

The society that Chekhov represented was a despairingly materialistic one. No human emotions were prioritized in such a society. Passions were permissible only if they came up with a package of profit. People were mechanically running towards money-making, sacrificing all their humanely emotional needs. Marriage which is supposed to be the ‘union of two minds’ was basically a business deal for them — a tool for economic and social stability. Love or mental compatibility was not even considered in case of a marriage. A hollow, profit-driven society as it was, Chekhov’s society represents one of the darkest phases of human existence.

How Lomov and Natalya quarrelled over a hunting dog?

Lomov and Natalya are engaged in a quarrel second time over the hunting dog. Lomov finds that Squeezer is overshoot. He cannot hold a prey because his lower jaw is shorter.

Natalya is furious to hear this. She says that Guess has not any pedigree at all. He is old. He is ugly as a worn-out-cab-horse. Guess is already half dead. So there is no need to hang him.

“Oxen Meadows really are yours.” — Name the speaker and the person spoken to. When did the speaker say this?

Natalya Stepanovna is the speaker here. She said this to Lomov.

At the constant nagging of his daughter Chubukov was forced to rush out of his house to call Lomov back. As Lomov turned up again, Natalya was very polite and apologetic towards Lomov and she was eager to begin the talk of the marriage proposal. To calm down the heated atmosphere she uttered the above words.

“I’II show you the documents” – Who said this and to whom? What documents are referred to here? What was the reaction of the person spoken to at this?

Lomov said this to Natalya Stepanovna.

The documents that the Oxen Medows belonged to Lomov’s family are referred to here. At this comment of Lomov, Natalya at once reacted with disgust that it was surprise for her if Lomov simply joking or making fun of her. The Oxen Medows belonged to the Chubukovs for nearly three hundred years, one fine morning Mr. Lomov suddenly demanded that it was theirs. She could hardly believe her ears. She clearly stated that the Medows were not worth much to her, but she could not stand such unfairness as he was doing.

‘The Proposal’ Full Study Note, Download PDF.

Important Lines:

  1. “Bring him back!” [Natalya said this to her father.]
  2. “Shut up or I will shoot you like a partridge!” [Chubukov said this to Lomov.]
  3. “My mowers will be there this very day!” [Natalya said this to Lomov.]
  4. “Oh what a burden, Lord, ….” [Chubukov is the speaker.]
  5. “You pettifogger! All your people were like that!” [Chubukov said this to Lomov.]
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