HS English Suggestion 2022 PDF Download for Class 12 – 90%

Download HS English Suggestion 2022 PDF WBCHSE for class 12 Examination Preparation. It is Class 12 English suggestion 2022 for test and final exam. HS 2022 English last minute Suggestion for better exam. Follow our guidelines of “HS 2022 suggestion” for well preparation.

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HS 2022 English Suggestion WBCHSE (Full) Download PDF


HS English Suggestion 2022

HS English Suggestion 2022 Overview:

Exam Name Higher Secondary (Class 12)
Subject English
Approximate Common in 2021 Above 90%

HS English Syllabus:

Download English syllabus of WBCHSE board (Higher Secondary Education).

Marks Distribution & Questions Pattern:

Download English Subject marks distribution according to WBCHSE board.

MCQ questions of Mark 1 are added.
SAQ questions of Mark 1 are added.
Long  questions are added. Grammar & Writings Suggestion are added.

HS 2022 English Suggestion Probability:

Download most significant English suggestion for WBCHSE HS 2022 exam. We provide accurate HS English Suggestion 2022 every year. We get high response from all the student of West Bengal. If you want to get Higher Secondary Education Suggestion at your home then you have to contact with us.

SuggestionPedia.com has been providing English Suggestion for West Bengal Higher Secondary education examination preparation. Get guaranteed suggestive questions for Higher Secondary Bengali 2022 Exam.

How to Get Good Marks in English Exam:

  1. After Test Exam, practice test paper specially objective question should be cleared enough.
  2. Solve the problematic question.
  3. Give mock exam for 4 times after test exam.
  4. Khata Presentation with good hand writing will be very helpful for HS 2021 exam.
  5. Follow writing style of Rank student in Class.
  6. Before Final exam, Bengali subject should be revised 3 times.
  7. Khata Presentation, Writing Technique, Handwriting Style are more essentials to rank in West Bengal Higher Secondary 2022 Exam.
  8. Make a plan according to different marks division before work out final exam. I want to say make a list of what you will do at the fist half and second half of 1st hour.  Then 2nd and 3rd.
  9. In examination hall revise of 2 times will be helpful enough. 1st Revise : Check spelling mistake. 2nd Revise: Add or remove answers technically wherever it is needed.

WBCHSE HS English Suggestion 2022:

We provide HS English suggestion 2022  under WBCHSE Board since 2012. We try to give our best. We surely assure to all the students our suggestions accuracy. We can not tell you that this suggestion will be common 100%. Originally what percentage I say about that is 60% or 80% or 90%, definitely that percentage will be common surely. We print exact percentage on every Suggestion Cover Page. It will be helpful enough to get high marks in HS English Exam.

All the Higher Secondary candidates which are first to prepare such kind of important examination in their life. So it is usual that will be frightful to every students. But Being honest we recommend them not to be afraid but be practical enough.We provide not only Bengali Subject Suggestion but also all Subjects Suggestions. We provide West Bengal Higher Secondary suggestion plus Study Materials. We had been receiving good response from all the students in West Bengal.

HS English Suggestion 2022 Demo:

Grammar (Textual) (A) Do as Directed   1×6=6

  1. Narration Change
  2. Voice Change
  3. Simple/  Complex/  Compound
  4. Affirmative/  Negative
  5. Split Change
  6. Degree/  Assertive/  Noun Form

(B) Article and Preposition       1/2×6=3
(C) Correction 1×1=1
[গ্রামার প্রিপারেশনের জন্য নিয়মগুলি মুখস্থ কর,  এরপর বিশেষ করে চারটি Prose উপর টেক্সটুয়াল উদাহরণগুলি ভালো করে প্র্যাকটিস করো,  বেশিরভাগ গ্রামার কোশ্চেন পড়বে Prose এর উপর থেকে, বিশেষ করে – The Strong Roots And The Eyes Have It] (Unseen) [Practice the Test Papers] [All the Long questions will be common guaranteed  in 2021 Higher Secondary English exam (WBCHSE) ] (Seen) Long Question
The Proposal Drama   1×6=6

  1. Character of Lomov***
    1. (Important lines)

    “You are not a neighbour you are a grabber”*

    “You pettifogger! All yours….them”

Poem     2×6=12

  1. “And the strength of the tree exposed” – When and how was the strength of the tree exposed? What do you mean by the phrase ‘the strength of the tree’? ***
  2. “Not so much pain will do it” – What is referred by the word ‘it’? Why does the pain not so much? Explain the line.
  3. “The bleeding bark will heal” – What is referred by the word ‘bleeding bark’? Why is the bark bleeding? What and how will be heal by the bleeding bark?***

Prose       6×2=12

  1. “You have already been answered” – What is referred by the word ‘You’? Who said this and to whom? What answer did the spoken person get?***
  2. “Here comes someone running” – Who was running and when? Who said this and to whom? Why was the man running?**

Letter Writing\ Report Writing\ Precis Writing
[Writings  questions will be common  guaranteed  in 2021 Higher Secondary English exam (WBCHSE)] [আমার লেখানো Letter Writing  এর Format  দুটি  যথা-Editorial And Higher Authority Letter Format মুখস্ত করে নিলে যেকোনো লেটার লেখা সম্ভব,  স্ট্যান্ডার বজায় রেখে, 10 Marks  এর মধ্যে কমসে কম Marks 8  পাওয়া খুবই সহজ |] [আমার লেখানো Report Writing  এর Format  তিনটি  মুখস্ত করে নিলে যেকোনো Report লেখা সম্ভব,  স্ট্যান্ডার বজায় রেখে, 10 Marks  এর মধ্যে কমসে কম Marks 8  পাওয়া খুবই সহজ |]  Letter Writing:

  • Loss of Bicycle / Admit Card / A theft / Anti social Activity – O.C. (Local Police Station)**

Report Writing:

  • Tree plantation programme***
  • Teachers Day***
  • COVID Awarness Camp
SAQ (Poetry of Earth)
  1. How are the birds in summer according to Keats?
  2. What does the cricket song seem to one in drowsiness half lost?
  3. When does the cricket shrill?
  4. Whose voice is referred to here?
  5. What does Keats celebrate?
  6. Whose voice will run and where?
MCQ Questions-Answers (Asleep in The Valley)
  1. The smile of the soldier is – gentle without guile
  2. The soldiers pillow is made of – fern
  3. The soldier lies in the valley because he is a – casualty of war. WBCHSE 
  4. The dead soldier is – very young. WBCHSE 
  5. The poet request nature – to keep the soldier warm. WBCHSE 
  6. Asleep in the valley is a – Shakespearean sonnet.
  1. It is Russian
  2. The Proposal is a one act play.
  3. The hero of the play is Lomov.
  4. Natalya is the daughter of Chubukov.
  5. Natalya’s age is 25.


  1. He just spat on his hand and recommenced dog. Option: dug, digging, dog.
  2. ‘’ No, I answered quite confidence. Options: Confide, confident, confidently.



(This Suggestion is  Guaranteed Suggestion)


উচ্চ মাধ্যমিক 2021 পরীক্ষা প্রস্তুতিতে ইংরাজী বিষয়ের উপর সাজেশান ডাউনলোড কর নিচে দেওয়া ডাউনলোড পিডিএফ বাটনে ক্লিক করে। 

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Download HS English Suggestion 2022 PDF:

HS 2022 English Suggestion WBCHSE (Full) Download PDF

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I score high marks in Higher Secondary (HS) 2022 exam of West Bengal?
Follow our suggestions, prepare yourself according to routine.

How can I find the best suggestions online for the HS 2022 examination?
Search suggestion from SuggestionPedia. www.suggestionpedia.com

What should l do to get 95% +marks in HS (12th) Exam (West Bengal board)?
Prepare text book, test paper, our suggestion, frequently give mock test.

Which is the best English book for HS?
1. Prantik 2. Suggestions of SuggestionPedia.

What are the pass marks of each subject of the WBCHSE 12th HS Examination?
It is 24.

Can I get wbchse board HS English question paper 2020 ?
Yes, in our website. suggestionpedia.com
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