Paragraph on Save Water Save Life for Madhyamik and Higher Studies

Paragraph on Save Water Save Life for Madhyamik and Higher Studies. Write  a short paragraph on “Save Water Save Life”. Write a report on “Save Water Save Life” for Madhyamik 2023 Writings. Essay on Save drive Save Life. Information on water scarcity in India.

Paragraph on “Save Water Save Life”

We, the social modern people, know very much about the necessity of water in our everyday lives where there is no water no life. We generally get water from different sources. Animal gets water from pond, river, sea, well, tube well and from others sources. By the help of water, we run our body, industries, daily life. So it is endless to say that water is much important to retain our mankind. It is much difficult to imagine our mankind without a drop of water.

Though we know very well about water’s importance, we are foolish to retain it’s value in our every day lives day by day. Now we, the educated people even are failed to save water. Because water pollution is being increased day by day. Water is being wasted by us. Deforestation causes the less rain water. Water level is decreasing day by day. There is scarcity of drinking water. So, it is not fair for our future lives. We need to save water if life has to be saved. However water conservation is necessary to save our lives as well as Earth. We should remember the following line-

“ A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man.”

We need a campaign of “Save Water Save Life” to aware all to save water on our surrounding. According to Indian Govt., 21 cities in India will run out a groundwater in the year 2020.

Report on “Save Water Save Life”

“Save Water Save Life”
– by a staff of reporter

Midnapur K.V. High School, 2nd August, 2023 : It is pleasurable to all to hear the following news. The campaign ‘Save Water Save Life’ was observed in Midnapur K.V. High School on  1st August in 2019. It was organized by all of the teachers and students also. The function was started at 10 a.m. and it was continued for three hours. There were numerous public who were enjoying themselves very much. Teachers and students have run a rally together with the slogan “Save Water Save Life”. They distributed T-Shirt on which the slogan was printed.

They announced the importance of water to all the people. Teachers distributed a handbook which was written about steps to save water by many ways. However the greatest attraction of the day was that the guests were local B.D.O. and S.D.O. officer. At the end of the function there was a distribution ceremony which was the main interest among peoples. The entire programme created enthusiasm among the crowd. The participants showed their overall talent very much. However the total ceremony deserved to s successive point. It was most significant in the locality.

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