On Killing a Tree Long Question Answer for Class 12 HS

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Download On Killing a Tree Long Question Answer for Class 12 (Higher Secondary) wbchse Higher Secondary Exam preparation. Prepare Higher Secondary English Examination. Irony in On Killing a Tree. Justify the title of the poem On Killing a tree by Gieve Patel.

Long Question Answer:

  •  Give the substance / critical appreciation / central idea of the poem.
  •  How can the tree be killed.
  •  How does a tree grow and heal itself.
  •  “And then it is done ‘ – what is done and how?


The well-known famous poem ‘On Killing a Tree’ which is written by the great poet Gieve Patel’ is perfectly an ironical poem. The poet brings out the ironical thought behind the killing of a tree. After the complete reading of the story we can understand the significance of the poem. Here the followings explanation is stated for significance-

The poet wants to say in the first line of the poem that killing of a tree is very difficult.  Not a simple job of the knife will do it.  While it is sufficient to kill an animal.  The tree has grown slowly consuming the earth.  The tree is feeding the crust of the earth.  It is absorbing years of Sunlight air water.

So the poet wants to say about alternative step to kill a tree.  But hacking and chopping cannot kill a tree because the bleeding bark of the tree will heal the tree.  The green twigs are rising and expanding again if it is unchecked.

So hack and chop
But this alone won’t do it.

So the poet wants to say the other alternative way to kill a tree. The root of a tree is to be pulled out of the anchoring Earth.  After that it is to be roped and tied.  Then the strength of the tree is exposed.  At last the matter of scorching choking Browning hardening twisting withering, the Killing of a tree is done.

At last it is endless to say that the famous poem On Killing a Tree is justified and appropriate to the stated question.

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